Real Estate
Boy & Bear Lyrics

Such a fool, I've been only running scared.
I use my conscience as a way to get through
Well all my friends, were drifting in the glow of love lights and tangerines
all my fortunes came true

You know I've got something on my mind these days it's calling me this time
That I can't say it in front of you so
Maybe I'm just not that kind god only knows that I've tried
I'm a feather made of stone, in a hat you have forgotten
You'll be swimming all alone, when it's drag you of bottom of the ocean floor

Flowing down three rows of fine wine and savouries, conversation just get on my view
And I'm so tired of talking about of the price of real estate
You'd better head back down to where you came through

You know I've got something on my mind these days
It's warning me this time see it don't mean much when you're alone so
I guess I'm gonna take my time a whistle and a wine
For the weight of something more
I'll tear it up in pieces till my hands are red and raw
Till it's drags me to the bottom of the ocean floor

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Comments from YouTube:

Dennis Berry

One of the best 'little ditties' I have heard in a long time, reminds me of The Shins

John Trout

I was just about to say they're like the shins!

Phoebe O'Loughlin

absolutely love this song! :o


Harlequin dream is B&B's best work so far.

matthew sawtell

Thank you for uploading this, it is very good quality.

Leonardo Gomes Oliveira

B&B... what I can say about "Harlequin Dream" set of musics?... it is exactly waht I was wainting for long time ago.... thanks!


Best band in the World.


Sounds like Fleet Foxes crossed with Deer Tick.