Walk the Wire
Boy & Bear Lyrics

It was the strangest thing
The kind of scene I don't fit into
I didn't feel so right
But she came back 'round
Drifting across my sight
Some apparition of make believe
I felt my chest grow tight
And I tumbled in

And She said "Hey baby, hold my hand out on the wire"
Oh, I'm telling you the whole thing is just a braking of desire
You inevitably hold on
Because you always do
You better walk that wire

I'm talking tons 'cause I'm not made of steel
Somebody save me from myself
I'm just a man alright and I'm fumbling
With all this faded advice
Maybe the moment to make my move
You hold your breath so tight
'Cause we're tumbling

And She said "Hey baby, hold my hand out on the wire"
I've been telling the whole time
It's just a breaking of desire
Now I promise you'll be brave too
'Cause you've earned that right
You better walk that wire

There's something in the air tonight
Be steady as you walk away
And we're never going to know, right?
It's better then the other way

She said "Hey baby, hold my hand out on the wire"
See, I never would have held on
But at the aching of desire
No there's heaven in a folk song
So just hold on
'Cause you're dancing on the wire

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Comments from YouTube:


Does it sound like 'Dire Straits' or is it just me?


Imo the whole indie rock genre is made thanks to Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler's solo career


+Freedomz Exactly what I hear! :O

Allegro T

+Pvunderink I was thinking "Love is a Battlefield."

Andrea Balestri

+Pvunderink Lloyd Cole and the Commotions.

Jake T

That's it! I kept thinking .38 Special Hold on Loosely, but I knew that wasn't what I was trying to think of. Thank you

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Tbh I pissed myself laughing at this video

jo morris

Alicia J oo

Brad Martin

My chops fell off...😂 funny as..👍😝

Matthew P. Wells

+Alicia J eww you needn't have told us this

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