Death before dishonor
Brainwash Lyrics

Kill or be killed -
is themed in that society -
live as if it was your last day -
or your life seems to be worthless without a goal -
lived just an empty life -
day by day -
but there are reasons to struggle for -
your blood, your honor, your family -
everyone has its own destiny -
Don't be a victim of society -
time isn't over yet -
you alone can choose,
can choose your destiny -
fight against and live your dream -
we'll hear your desperate scream -
join our lines and start living your life -
side by side -
together we're strong -

Death before dishonor!

Don't live on in social hostility -
you shouldn't suffer anymore -
find your pride in your tortured heart -
and break these chains that bound you for so long -
despise this blinded mass and see the truth -
we'll lead you onto the right way -
don't live in the past -
look straight forward -
your future lays in your own hands -

Look behind the mask of society -
the devil lives in secrecy -
abandon their weak motives -
they're just lost souls,
but they don't know -
only death will help them out -
you got the chance to live a better life -
at least your soul is free again -
your heart will carry the pride again -

Fight with us against the evil of this world -
because we're better dead before dishonored.

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