Brainwash Lyrics

Tradition is not the worship of ashes,
but the preservation of fire.
The moments of truth are over,
now it's the time to act.

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Jim G

@Amanda Cerami Trump's saving our country!! He's said hundreds of times that he denounces the KKK and white supremacy!!
Trump signed the PACT-ACT into law which makes animal abuse a felony!!

He's signed a bill that allows $250 million a year to the nation's historically black universities
The RECORD-BREAKING job numbers, the tax cuts, and trade deals
Border security, getting our troops home
The man DONATES his presidential salary !!!
He bought over 250 pizzas for the supporters that showed up at Walter Reed when he got COVID
Trump has done more for our country than ANY other president!!!

You are BRAINWASHED by the mainstream media

Lawrence H

If I understand your question correctly, I think that is what lies in the heart of brainwashing versus something else.

I think the term brainwashing is clearing someones own "persona" out of their minds, and filling it with the mind and thoughts of someone else.

If one is forcibly made to believe something which is "untrue", lets say a denial of an evident event or fact witnessed even by the brainwashed individual, by using  violence or deprivation to destroy a persons psyche, then one could call that brainwashing.

Someone might get a strong feeling that they have for example found god, and the process can be completely nonviolent and even optional in nature. And I think it has a lot to do with language and the society in which one lives. Many feel gods, but the gods might differ a lot. Many feel inner peace and tranquility, happiness, but yet don't need the word god or the existence of god in their language or thoughts. Though some believe out of fear, even if there is no other basis for this fear than superstition or the want to control someones behavior. If a child is brought up in fear of god for example, or in guilt, this mindset can be incredibly hard to come out of. And it doesn't have to be god, it can be a fear of another person, or race or nationality of people. But you can hide from other people easier than you can from an all knowing omnipotent god of course.

Some say the biggest motivation behind all actions is personal pleasure. I'd put guilt and fear in the top 5 at least.

Claims such as "Communism is the best way of life", or, "Democracy is the only way a happy society can exist", one can be persuaded to believe such things, and it is somewhat an opinion based claim. But one can also be made susceptible to false beliefs and thus removing the need for intellectual or emotional persuasion given by other people and/or surroundings. I find the best way one can live if they wish to have knowledge, is be open to ideas and be open to the idea that anyone can be wrong. "Have an open mind, but not open enough for your brains to fall out."

These things are quite complex, it is evidently possible to brainwash people into violent acts and false beliefs, but it also involves persuasion. I don't know what torture it would take for someone to become a total tool, with no mind of their own, with no mind to agree or disagree. A person might, and in many cases does think he is doing something good, or noble, even when doing something painful to others. It's a complex mix of personal views and wants, versus all kinds of other factors. One can be persuaded by lies to kill someone, if they think this person has done something horrible, even when the fact might be that this person is innocent of any unethical action, but one must be go through some kind of process to not question this persuasion even when evidence is staring them squarely in the face. Being lied to and making rash decisions, is a lot different than brainwashing. 

Victoria Ward

​@Joshua Benjamin Precisely my point. Black Lives Matter (or rather the ideological movement behind it) is a perfect example. Without even knowing it, after having seen deeply traumatizing videos (e.g George Floyd most recently) many people have unwittingly accepted or are beginning to accept totally different ideals about race, race relations, and racism (although some of the terminology is the same - the meanings are different). Most people I have spoken to do not seem to have noticed that they have gone from Liberalism to a new racial ideology.

Recap... within liberalism, our shared human experience defines and unites us, we can understand one another because of this, racism is wrong, any one can be racist it doesn't depend on their skin colour, we ought to judge by character and not by skin colour, etc. Racism by definition is when characteristics are attributed to someone to someone based on their race, etc.

The new racial ideology (critical race theory) is based on conflict theory, which views groups of people as victims/oppressor and in a constant struggle. Specifically you can read in books such as Robin D’Angelo’s White Fragility that blacks are oppressed and whites are oppressors, western civilization is about "white values" and is tyrannical and oppressive to black people. Racism is now defined differently; all white people are inherently racist and it is not possible for black people to be racist due to their position in the power dynamic. And there is circular reasoning where if a non-black person says they are not racist then that is proof of racism (this is a logical fallacy). The list goes on of all the concepts and doctrines associated with this ideology (“white privilege”, “white-ness”, “black-ness”, “white fragility”, “anti-racism”).

This ideology is diametrically opposed to the liberalism, which Martin Luther King and other great civil rights leaders espoused. It is a new racial (and therefore racist) worldview. But the scary part for me is that many aren’t even aware that they have moved from one to the other.

I get the point re masks. But I think this is a better example. Excuse the long message.

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Academy of Ideas

I recently added the transcript to this video which you can access here:
I am working on an updated series on propaganda/mass-hypnosis/brainwashing which will be available in the near future.

Willi V.

Your trying to brainwash the people who would watch this but American White or African American people never will have any of they're own (what Christianity wrote: ascension being's) anyways and I'm just an observer.


Excellent! Thank you for your profoundly insightful work, it's sorely needed in these times of mass hypnosis. The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived, and the Zombies are the "order followers", obeying all recommendations, orders and mandates from the "authorities" and "experts", wearing masks and hiding away in their homes as they deny life...because they're paranoid of death.

Jo Williams

Anyone else seeing the amount of Brainwashing occurring by the media in 2020?

Kayla B

Yes materialistic stuff

Victoria Ward

@Joshua Benjamin Interesting. I disagree in part. It is a two way mechanism. Of course the media responds to what is happening (eg. protests, police shootings) and therefore reports on that. But by selectively reporting (eg. reporting on police use of lethal force on unarmed black men but not on unarmed white men - even though the latter occurs more frequently), the media is having a huge influence on the public and how we see the world. Those are just two examples of course. I'm surprised you are cynical about media bias. Check out Coleman Hughes and Steven Pinker discussing the subject (specifically about racial bias in the reporting) if you are interested.

Joshua Benjamin

Victoria Ward lol the media isn't brainwashing anyone, in fact, on the contrary, I think people are influencing the media more than it's influencing them.

Victoria Ward

yes... particularly with regards to racism, sadly. Lots of massive steps backwards. Greetings from the UK.


This guy has beeeen trying to herd us into consciousness


Let's just be indifferent and laugh at all the muzzled individuals who think they're "being so safe" by listening to mommy and daddy government and their henchmen/order follower ilk. :D

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