One family
Brainwash Lyrics

We are one family!

Family has the highest value
Always stands by you
Gives you strength and backs you up
Will support you in your fight
And will never disappoint you

One Family - United we stand proud
One Family - In the fight against the evil of this world
One Family - Together we are strong
One Family - Today, tomorrow, forever

Around us everything falls apart
Envy, greed and lies
dictate the everyday lives
But we stay true
Brotherhood for life
One for all, and all for one

United we fight against the enemy
No force can defeat us
Everyone gives their blood for the family
Proud to be a part of the solidarity
Loyal until death
One Family
Today Tomorrow Forever

Contributed by Lincoln S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Dino Offiziel 88

Anti Antifa Family 4Ever!!!

Rich14 88

@T Hof very true antifa scum must be destroyed


Anti Antifa Family brothers
Against the islamic threat

Chad Bro Chill

right here brother

Kimmy yeong

antifa is a pestilence


I faced them in C-vill, they are nothing with out weapons.


Support from Japan!

SG Mart

Hail victory
Support the European brotherhood from Spain

Sara Wilcker

Hi from London.

Patrick Bertlein

From Spain haha bitch your ancestors were Muslims shut the fuck up!!

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