You hate your country
Brainwash Lyrics

How many of your family -
died to give you the freedom -
that you have?
Your life is nothing but fake
you don't stay true to the words -
that you preach -

You hate a country -
that gives you everything you've got -
you hate a country -
when will you finally wake up?

Your red ideas -
consumed your childish mind -
so fuckin' much -
That you never even bothered to realize -
that the only reason you have success -
is because of this place -

So easy to talk big on your pedestal -
of money and fame -
come down to the real level -
and then we'll see how -
tough you really are.

Contributed by Bailey B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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It's not Armstrongs ideal society. 

It's a point that's easy to get confused on, because of Armstrongs personally and presentation. He doesn't care if Raiden thinks this is what he's after... at least at first. Later on, if you pay attention to his dialogue, he makes a switch. The Jetstream DLC goes even further in confirming this.

The collective consciousness is already happening in the Metal Gear universe. The point Armstrong was making was that the patriots were gone... and it no longer mattered. Their machinations had become so embedded in society that the world was caught in an endless spiral of death, the war economy. It is now self-perpetuating. It's not going away. The world is now one where "Men die for reasons they don't understand and causes they don't believe in." Every aspect of human existence is feeding the machine.

Armstrongs goal was to use the war economy, to work within it's structure to amass power... and then use that power to nuke the entire system. His goal was to return things to zero so that the world could, essentially, reboot itself.

It's also worth noting that, in the end, Raiden agreed with the Senator. Not with his extreme methods, but with the idea that the world was horribly wrong, and something needed to be done about it. And thus begins Raiden's own personal war against the system.

Ultimately, Raiden's battle with Armstrong and Desperado Inc was what opened his eyes to how screwed up the world is, and he goes on to continue Armstrongs fight, just as the Senator died believing he would.


@Pyroball Your first paragraph brings my attention to something that I have though about before, being the idea that language itself is one of the largest hurdles when it comes to these kinds of issues. One can say that someone who has a non-standard sexual orientation is not normal because they deviate from the majority. At the same time one can say that the existence of a minority of people with non-standard sexual orientations due to psychological/physiological variance from circumstance/genetics is to be expected, therefor the existence of that subgroup would be considered "normal" (as the absence of such variance would be abnormal).

This is quite the critical distinction. It is often difficult for people to be confronted (and in worse situations, discriminated against) over a non-conformity that they can't control without taking it as a message that their existence is not only unwelcome, but something to be actively avoided because of that non-conformity.

From what I can tell, this is obviously not the message you are intending to send when you say that LGBT shouldn't be normalized. The sentiment that I believe you hold from what you have conveyed is that you don't want non-straight orientations to be actively encouraged in a way that puts pressure on straight individuals to conform to said non-standardness (if that makes sense, lol). That is a sentiment that I 100% agree on, and I'm glad for your response that highlights this aspect. I don't think any person in a reasonable state of mind, straight or LGBT, desires such a state of affairs as it is basically flipping the issue on its head and creating the same problem they are fighting to solve, just for a different population.

I honestly can understand where the notion that these pride movements could have such an intent may come from. I'm by no means an expert in the field, but I can still tell that there is so much nuance and noise when it comes to both the outward messages of public demonstrations like protests or other such movements and their reception by those who witness them. Not only can there exist small vocal minorities within a movement who would seek something actively harmful (like our previous example of pushing people towards non-standard sexual orientations regardless of their true orientation) whose messages may be confused for being the whole movements stance, the words themselves used to convey the message of the movement may be subject to different interpretations depending on the individual.

The best we can do as individuals is try to curb our bias with more information when the opportunity presents itself, and I feel like you have definitely demonstrated an aptitude to do so which many people seem to lack. For what a comment from a stranger on the internet is worth, I would still like to commend you for that aptitude. The rare comments where people are both understanding and acknowledge the inherent shortcomings of being a human (such as their bias) are what makes it worth putting effort into detailed commentary like this, so I would like to thank you for that. I hope you at least found most of this interesting or helpful and thanks for taking the time to read even some of it.


Metal Gear Ray: It fights because that's what it was designed to do.
Blade Wolf: It fights because it is forced to, even if it knows it is pointless.
Mistral: She fights because she wants to have a purpose, even if it is a wrong one.
Monsoon: He fights because only by fighting he feels something different to despair and emptiness.
Sundowner: He fights because he loves the chaos and thrill of the fight.
Sam: He fights because he wants to find someone better than him to fulfill his mission.
MG Excelsus: It is used to fight to expand the memes of the patriots.
Armstrong: He fights because he believes only by destroying everything can a new society raise.
Khamsin: He fights because he is a soldier and they are made to fight.

Brandon Greenland

Argument 1: "Excelsius is an Ant"
Argument 2: "Excelsius is a Crab"
Argument 3: "Excelsius is a Spider"


Excelsius' frontal limbs are raptorial, due to their blade nature. they can also coil back in to take up lass space. Combined with the Cenutar-Esque Shape of Excelsius, I'd personally like to say that Excelsius is shaped like a Mantis... However, there's one problem with that: In total, Excelsius has Eight limbs.

Thus, because no Shelled creature both possesses four sets of limbs, whilst also having a discernable mantis shape, Excelsius is basically a Spider-Mantis... With Plasma cannons strapped to its head. Armstrong was right when he said the ride was "Worth every Penny", but you can't have good Stonks if a Cyborg chin boi Suplexes it repeatedly, removes one of the raptorial blades to swing it around like it's a regular sword, and dodges every single goddamn attack you attempt. Poor Excelsius, at least it went out in style.

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"are you into progressive rock?"
"I prefer oppressive rock"

Sindre S Baugen

@The Goose narcissism aint cute


@Lord Gaben not degenerated, but funny stuff starting from people starting the gag

Jeff Jefferson

This is the best comment ever! Thank you.

Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia

And the Koreans took that personally

Lord Gaben

These replies just degenerated

20 More Replies...

The very Last korok

This is the boss theme that plays when someone gets into an argument with a blue check mark on Twitter.


Tbf, blue check marks HAVE to appeal to normies so of course the shit they're gonna say isn't going to be god tier quality.


@Luiz Torres I actually am not, as of 2021 those 3 are the top 3 for cable news with fox constantly being in the top 5 for years

Luiz Torres

@Shadow426 You're just trolling rn so there's no point in continuing talking to you, have a nice day.

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