Good to Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have to Do Is Die
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Am I correct to defend the fist that holds this pen?
It's ink that lies,
the pen, the page, the paper.
I live, I learn.
You will always take what i have earned.
And so aid my end while I believe I'm winning.

Our friends speak out in our defense.
I pay ten deaf ears for two months rent.
We burn they gallows they erect,
and cut the nooses they tie for our necks.

You constantly make it impossible to make conversation.
Keep us comatose but audible.
And I like it the farther i get out.
We pass it off but it's all on us.
Only common conversation,
it took everything i got.
And I like it the farther i get out.

Once said, always said.
I will hold the past over your head.
I'll speak my mind whenever i feel slighted.
I am hellbent on extracting all of my revenge.
So take heart, sweetheart, or I will take it from you.

We slip concealed back to the keep.
Concede to do the work for free.
We prey as wolves among the sheep and slit the neck of soldiers while they sleep.

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Written by: JESSE LACEY

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Erik Martin

This album is almost 20 years old, and it is still as good— and still as relevant— as it was in 2003. It got me through growing up, and now it’s getting me through adulthood. I sincerely hope that some day they will know how many people they saved (and continue to save) with their music.

Eric Knucklez - Topic




Megan Ralston

Reading '20 years ago' and then '2003' is giving me an anyuerism... Naw... I'm still a 15 year old... Ffffffff

Alan Demarest

This song got me through a bad breakup in 2013, and here I am again. Still as relevant, Still as good. Sucks that I'm in this place again but at least I have songs like this.

"Once said, always said. I will hold the past over your head. I speak my mind whenever I feel slighted." That line hits me every time.

Casa De Zeta

Yes 14 years later and I’m like yesss I needed this , again

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Cherry Rockstar

this is real music. real music pulls emotion out of you. paints a picture, pulls you in to what the song is about.


I love this song, but please shut the fuck up


There is no such thing as real music. But yeah this song rocks

. data7ust .

Quite possibly the emoest song title ever.  

Its a tie with Box of Sharp Objects, but I think this one is more self loathing.

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