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Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis
Brand New Lyrics

After one or two I get used to the room
We go slow when we first make our moves
By five or six I'll bring you out to the car
By number nine with my head on the bar
And it's sad but true out of cash and i-o-u's

I got desperate desires, and unadmirable plans
My tongue will taste of gin and malicious intent
Bring you back to the bar get you out of the cold
My sober straight face gets you out of your clothes.
And they're scared that we know all the crimes they'll commit
Who they'll kiss before they get home.

I will lie awaken and lie for fun
And fake the way I hold you
Let you fall for every empty word I say.

Barely conscious in the door where you stand.
Your eyes are fighting sleep while your mouth makes your demands
You laugh at every word trying too hard to be cute
I almost feel sorry for what I'm gonna do
And your hair smells of smoke
Who will cast the first stone?
You can sin or spend the night all alone

Brass buttons on your coat hold the cold
In the shape of a heart that they cut out of stone
And you're using all your looks that you've thrown from the start
If you let me have my way I swear I'll tear you apart.

Cause its all you can be
You're a drunk
And you're scared
Its ladies night all the girls drink for free.

I will lie awake and lie for fun
And fake the way I hold you
Let you fall for every empty word I say.

I will lie awake and lie for fun
And fake the way I hold you
Let you fall for every empty word I say.


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Comments from YouTube:

Emo Yeehaw

I like brand new because all the other fake emo bands talked about themselves being hurt in relationships and brand new talks about being the shitty person in the relationship and not knowing why they are the way they are. I connect more with this band than the rest of the mallcore bands strictly because of it.

Alureon dotEXE

Derek Requiem mate learn the case before you speak damn

Evelyn :3

This shit is about manipulating a girl for sex dude wtf

Konner Grigsby

@Anthony Gray this is my channel

Sophie Konner

@Anthony Gray hey man i got more bands on my channel. check out some music playlist of mine. Konner Grigsby .. or at least pianos become the teeth. <- theyre the best poetic emo band ever.

Anthony Gray

@Sophie Konner La Dispute is so much more poetic, and I don't feel guilty for listening to them.

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Teodora Balaur

" "Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis" is a song that Lacey describes as being about his worst nightmare, turning into a washed-up figure after his prime has ended. The title draws comparison to Elvis Presley, who died from a drug overdose, and Diego Maradona, who suffered from drug addiction and was accused of domestic violence. " (Wikipedia)
...looks like he always knew it would happen

Austin Webb

It was pretty clear that he was expecting the allegations to come out one day, and for people to come after him for it. I have to give him respect, though, for owning up to it and letting it settle peacefully.

Zdogg Zero

Man this song went from a dark hallway to an all out black hole didn’t it


Lmao it sure did dood

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