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Space cadet, pull out
Space cadet, pull out
Space cadet, pull out

Overall Meaning

Welcome to Bangkok is a song by the American rock band Brand New from their album entitled "The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me". It is a rather short song compared to some of their other tracks, clocking in at a little over 2 minutes. The song starts abruptly with the lyrics, "Space cadet, pull out" being repeated followed by an intensely chaotic and distorted instrumental passage. The lyrics, which are repeated several times throughout the song, seem to be a warning signal that something dangerous or negative is about to happen. The tone of this song is fast, erratic and energetic with a hint of danger and unpredictability.

The song title “Welcome to Bangkok” is said to symbolize drugs, sex, and a crazed culture in Thailand. It suggests that every dark desire or demon that one dreams of could be found in Bangkok’s ambiguous side streets. It discusses the idea that going to Bangkok is like going through a rabbit hole to another world that is both darker and sharper. The lyrics are a warning to those who are traveling to Bangkok to be careful or they might lose themselves in this new, strange and dangerous world filled with uncertain adventures.

Line by Line Meaning

Space cadet, pull out
Let go of your inhibitions and embrace the experience

Space cadet, pull out
Release yourself from the mundane, everyday life

Space cadet, pull out
Free yourself from societal constraints and explore

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Comments from YouTube:


this album is a masterpiece in every sense of the word, so so brilliant


One of my favorite songs off the album, has a post-rock feel to it.




I love every note on this song.
The bass with it carrying the rhythm and energy of the song
the drums that are angry and hard as hell
the guitar that crescendoes into a sick melody at 2:00
and one mustn't forget the screams in the distance that convey the violent horror of this instrumental.


Excellent description!!


My favorite small detail is the three hi-hats in a row on the upbeat in every other measure which starts at 1:34 and goes for the rest of the song. Specifically the first we hear them is 1:39.
Idk why, I just love how it adds momentum into the next measure.


Im a metalhead through and through. But The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me will always be one of my favorite albums.


you are officially a friend ♡


This gradual deterioration getting more and more serious until at 1:34 chaos and suffering prevails with no hope that things will ever change again.
It's my favourite track on this album.


"Space Cadet Pull Out" is a reference to Deja Entendu and the astronaut on the cover. They're basically letting you know that this is where Deja ends and this story begins.

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