Medytacje Wiejskiego Listonosza
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Świat ma co najmniej tysiąc tysiąc wiosek i miast
List w życiu człowiek pisze co najmniej raz

Ludzie zejdźcie z drogi bo listonosz jedzie
Zamknij gaz to co że za granicą wujka masz
Ludzie zejdźcie z drogi bo listonosz jedzie
A mój motorower ten każdy tutaj dobrze zna
Dostaniesz od wujka list

Ja wiem kto w życiu myśli nie pisze nic
Kto bardzo kocha pisze długi list

Ludzie zejdźcie z drogi bo listonosz jedzie
Ciężka jest od listów torba listonosza dziś
Ludzie zejdźcie z drogi bo listonosz jedzie
Może ktoś na ten list czeka kilka długich lat
Dostanie go może dziś

Ludzie listy piszą zwykłe polecone
Piszą że kochają nie śpią lub całują cię
Ludzie listy piszą nawet w małej wiosce

Listy szare białe kolorowe
Kapelusz przed poczta zdejm

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Brathanki's song "Medytacje Wiejskiego Listonosza" convey the idea that in a world with countless villages and cities, every person writes a letter at least once in their life. The opening lines set the scene of the vastness of the world and the universal act of letter-writing. It speaks to the common human experience of communication and connection through written words.

The chorus emphasizes the urgency of clearing the way for the mail carrier, signaling the importance of delivering these letters. The mention of a motorbike that is well-known in the area adds a touch of familiarity and local flavor to the narrative. The repetition of the request for people to move out of the postman's path underscores the significance of the letters being delivered.

The lyrics delve into the theme of communication and expression, contrasting those who do not write much in life with those who write lengthy letters out of deep love. This juxtaposition highlights the power of words in conveying emotions and sentiments. The image of a heavy bag filled with letters reflects the weight and responsibility that the postman carries in delivering these messages.

As the song progresses, it touches on the anticipation and patience that come with waiting for a letter. The idea that someone may wait years for a letter only to receive it today speaks to the enduring impact and importance of written communication. The lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing for the days when letters were a primary mode of connecting with loved ones.

In the final verses, the lyrics celebrate the act of letter-writing in all its forms, from simple postcards to heartfelt declarations of love. The mention of different colored letters and the gesture of tipping a hat at the post office evoke a sense of tradition and community around sending and receiving mail. Overall, the song captures the universal experience of writing and receiving letters while highlighting the emotional depth and significance of this mode of communication in a rapidly changing world.


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