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by Braves

Stuck in the midst of this media flashflood,
my generation bleeds out their everything.

(On my own)
And our every opinion shows,
like daggers beneath our clothes.

(On my own)
And I'm done wasting words to fit
your irrelevant sense of accomplishment.

So what you really mean is - take everything that I see
with a grain of salt, before it might affect me
Still hard to see this as interaction - two divided by one.
When did this all become so weak.

Hard to fake indifference anyway

When you call I'll answer honestly.

(And all I know) is that place on my own,
and it's taken (all I have) just to find something better.

I'm so bored

Things just aren't the same, and I'm seeing shades of grey -
but if you call I swear I'll answer honestly - and it's safe to say that "time heals nothing".
I'll answer honestly.

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