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by Brazilian Girls

Tu sais pour toi j'ai une faiblesse
Si si, pour toi un-e faiblesse…
A chaque fois that we're together
Penso: my heart goes purpur

You know 'You've got that feeling' - you've got that feeling
Ce qu'on appelle
That feeling that feeling
Goes well with my nature
Mit meiner Natur

Jique, Jique, Jique
Jique çe soir

Sundays ok son
Sundays ok

You know : I really really like you, really really like you
I said : I really really like you - idem
Çe n'est pas de la paresse
Wenn ich mich ver-ges-se

You've got a nose and that feeling
Cio che si dice il:
Ich sag:
T'es comme un parasite
Plus je gratte plus ça pique!

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Comments from YouTube:


This band needs to come back

Sean Robidoux

your wish has been granted

Robert Morini

someday this will be played on the radio in America, maybe then people will realize what they've been missing

C Hacker

wxpn out of philadelphia is where i first heard this one. But they are the rarity out here.

Rorshack watchmen

this chick is something else BEAUTIFUL BABE!!!! intense groove BTW!


you know I really really like this song....


im in love with this band & this love will never fade out!!!

Brandon Roemer

what does "jique" mean?

Germán Joya

jique is a kind of mark in the skin, specially on neck, when your parther suck strong.

Joe George

Saw them back in New Orleans....had know idea who they were...what an awesome sound!!!

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