Psychotic Reaction
Brenton Wood Lyrics

Iwant to say a few words to all you young girls out there.
Yeah your to much
First you try casting your spell on a guy with a little oogum boogum boogum
And if that don′t do you try a little...
And if that don't do you give em a psycotic reaction
And it goes something like this
I feel depressed i feel so bad, cuz your the best girl that I′ve ever had
And i can't get you love i can't get satisfaction
Hey little girl psychotic reaction
I feel depressed i feel so bad
I feel depressed i feel so bad
I feel depressed i feel so bad
Feel depressed i feel so bad
I need your love give it to me
Give it to me, give it to me
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme
Gimme (9x′s)
Give me your lovin, give me your lovin
Babe i feel so lonely night and day
And i can′t get your love i must stay away
Babe i need you baby by my side
C'mon little girl let me take you for a ride now
Cuz i can′t get your love i can't get satisfaction, hey little girl psychotic reaction

Writer(s): John Byrne, Craig Atkinson, Kenn Ellner, Roy Chaney, John Michalski

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Comments from YouTube:

Jesse Ayala



Prefer the original but great cover!

Nick Lumsden

IKEA brought me here wow that's soul peoplemmmmm


Yep another IKEA gem.

Ray Lopez

Cool 😎

mark david mitchell

IKEA brought me here WOW class song Northen soul at it's best

Wolfman 247

Haha same here, ikea!! :) lol

Al Blake

Like most others the IKEA ad made me search this out, but I'm now wondering how has this never appeared in a Tarrentino movie???


Um a lot of great music hasn't been in his movies.

Beta Ray Bill

Just about to wonder that meself.

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