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Star Death And The Creation Of Elements
Brian Cox Lyrics

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Michael Nielsen

* Ancient lipids in the plant kingdom, indicating biosynthetic plasticity and potential physiological roles of Endocannabinoid-like lipids in plants as in animals, and show to me, a close familiar physiological connection between plants and humans, and that we all comes from the same creator, stardust from a sun struggling to survive, and in this proces are creating the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, the carboxylic acids, vital for life, we all are build of.

* → Signalling molecules from the oxidation of the 22 and 21-carbon fatty acids from the cannabis plant:

9-carboxy-delta(9)-THC (COOH): THCA/CBDA: C22H30O4 → intense warming/storage: decarboxylation (> 180°C → 200°C) → THC/CBD (C21H30O2) - oxidation → THC-OH (hydroxy: C21H30O3) oxidation and carboxylation and the fatty acid desaturase
(removing two hydrogen atoms from a fatty acid, creating a carbon/carbon
double bond) → * 11-nor-9-carboxy-Delta (9) -THC / THC COOH: C21H28O4) →

Targeted metabolomics shows plasticity in the evolution of signaling lipids and uncovers
old and new endocannabinoids in the plant kingdom:

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Thomas Crook

Cool guys don't look at explosions, they just turn an walk away.....


and they waddle away


I just love that little fact that a star died so we could live. As Sagan said, that we are all star dust. Each time I think of that it humbles me, grounds me, brings me back to what really matters in this life.


I agree with you acs197


It's only empty if you choose to make it that way.

Ben Johnson

a life of emptiness.


I feel the same, we're all in one great circle of life. 


@MrShnazer There's clearly a lump of rock between your ears, Mr Shnazer.  

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Bilbo Ballbag

I love some Cox in the evening :P

Science subs

This series is amazing!

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