The Last Word
Brisk & Vagabond vs. MC Wotsee Lyrics

Have no shame to be successful, put your body on the line, there must always be a reason if you ain’t got time, always keep your spirits high it is hard to give up as taking loads of chances is riding your luck, getting closer to perfection earns you lots of respect, taking realistic actions stops a lot of regret, always keep yourself from falling the things that you do, it is time to realise that it’s all about you.

Share your dreams, share your plans, try to get the last word, if your always feeling lonely you wont ever be heard, if you spend some days in heaven you’ll spend some days in hell, if a jobs worth doing then do it well.

Like a bomb you do ignite me, to the top coming on, to the top it wont take long, so here I go with the baseline flow, i’m on the mic to let you know, front to the back go left to right with the sounds of the vibe like dynamite, explode gonna overload corrode your mind now I’m on the mic I’m one of a kind, one of a kind, lyrical rhyme, I’m on the mic i’m feeling fine with the sound of the beat with the baseline pumping, sound of the vibe with baseline jumping, sounds of the music one of a kind, were ripping the dancefloor, It’s time to get stomping it’s the sounds of hardcore.

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Comments from YouTube:

Lugia Kane

thats what mc role is getting out there with with the djs behind

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