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I Will Not Be Held Responsible For My Inactions
Broken Leaf Lyrics

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Kloe Adegoke

Just imagine if there had been no bystanders nor cameras. How frightening all these evidence could have not existed.

laura hoshaw

So many of us (including myself) if not for technology would have thought he was fighting the police etc... I have lost my respect and trust for police after seeing all these videos lately.

ลํายอง นะโพไช

Common Sense VS Non Sense!! That line is very powerfull... We are not required to entertain non sense just because it comes from a lawyer, doctor, or police officer..

Duc Nguyen

What you said is non sense. When the professionals make a statement, they back it up with physical evidence and science. Unlike people on the internet, they claim to know so much just from seeing a few minutes long video.


Starts: 16:17
After first break: 2:45:21
After second break: 5:52:42
After third break: 6:14:23


@LewieLeway Yeah I was actually tripping my 🥜 off.


@BigDog Perhaps you wrote your post when you hadn't taken your meds. You were expecting the thug bully cop to go free, remember? Wrong!!

Snsv Taplop

Pog ❤️

SlimShady sims & nonsense x222

Thx miss Michelle

Ben Michaelis

Thank you michelle

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