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Broken Leaf Lyrics

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Ador Dorath Where are the limits of selfishness I hope that the…
Arctic Lake Don’t mind me, waiting for the tide I might be staying…
Arctic Lakes Don’t mind me, waiting for the tide I might be staying…
B.M.V. Yo! Say, 夏が 胸を刺激する ナマ足 魅惑の マーメイド 出すとこ出して たわわになったら 宝物の恋…
Barenaked Ladies Today is not the day to get it done Or not…
Calvin Harris And it starts with the beat of a drum, far…
Calvin Harris Feat. Ayah And it starts with the beat of a drum, far…
Caravan If your world is big enough for you Don't go spoiling…
DYS The girl's got limits But I'm gonna make her mine The girl's…
Little Violet With a little bit of luck I will make it back…
Misty Boyce Limit one: you're born Limit two: you're gone The limits in …
NU.F.O. Yeah Yeah Ich zähl' meine Scheine, geh zur Seite, wenn ich …
T.O.M.G Yo! Say, 夏が 胸を刺激する ナマ足 魅惑の マーメイド 出すとこ出して たわわになったら 宝物の恋…
The Ready Set She's got my heart strapped down To the beat just like…
V S Back in high school we used to take it slow Red…

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Amelia Muscat

It’s me.
A stranger on the internet.
I don’t know you.
You don’t know me.
But I know why you are here.
And it’ll be okay.
I promise.
Never give up.

Edit: Yall, you are the sweetest, I love the YouTube community.


To all those people being bullied
To all those people who have lost a loved one
To all those people who have lost a pet
To all those people being abused
To all those people going through depression
To all those people with anxiety
To all those people in poverty
To all those people going through a breakup
To all those people having a bad day
To all those people with insecurities
To all those people just having a hard time,
Don't forget
Your weakness today
Is your strength tomorrow
It always gets better
Your loved ones will remain in your hearts
You always have the memories
Love yourself
Stand up for yourself
Money can't buy happiness
Those lovers
Just weren't right
Don't abuse yourself
Don't abuse others
Kill them with kindness
Treat people with kindness
We've all had these times
There will always be a hole in our chests
Let's all be each others' strength
weather you're
Muslim and Etc...
Love yourself
Love others
Don't cut
Don't kill
Don't criticize
Don't beg
Don't do drugs
Don't starve yourself
Don't starve others
We aren't supposed to do any of that
Just keep your strength
Keep your faith
Don't change because you were told to
Be yourself
All the love, Millie :)

CrAzY CoNsErVaTiVe ToRi

I'm sorry for being a bad daughter
I'm sorry for being a bad friend
I'm sorry for being a bad sister
I'm sorry for being a bad student
I'm sorry for being not strong enough
I'm sorry for failing
I'm sorry for giving up
I'm sorry for not being able to tell you
I'm sorry for telling you like this
I'm sorry for not seeing other solutions
I'm sorry for not believing you that you love me
I'm sorry for my mind, not letting me sleep for weeks
I'm sorry for not being there, when you need it
I'm sorry for complaining
I'm sorry for being weak
I'm sorry for being not worth it
I'm sorry for being so stupid
I'm sorry for thinking I could do it
I'm sorry for even trying
I'm sorry for being to sad
I'm sorry for being to happy
I'm sorry for lying
I'm sorry for the nights you wasted to me
I'm sorry for blaming you
I'm sorry for not being able to clean up in my head
I'm sorry for saying I love you
I'm sorry for everything
I'm sorry for my mind
I'm sorry for the things I said
I'm sorry for wasting your time
I'm sorry for being late
I'm sorry for wasting Money
I'm sorry for seeking attention
I'm sorry for begging
I'm sorry for being a mess
I'm sorry for my thoughts
I'm sorry for being lazy
I'm sorry for being loud
I'm sorry for loving
I'm sorry for hating
I'm sorry for being annoying
I'm sorry for being to jealous
I'm sorry for comparing
I'm sorry for stop trying
I'm sorry for existing
I'm sorry for breathing
I'm sorry for living
I'm sorry
I'm so sorry....

kim clarise nunag

Hey.. Don't be sad..
Whatever your going on to will be alright
Everything will be fine.
Just pray and Don't Lose faith
God is just making you stronger before being happy.
He's preparing something for you.
Life is Boring without experience.
Be Happy
Now I want to tell you that,
You're a Queen!
Don't let anyone get your crown or don't let anybody down you.
I love you and take care.
The pain will end soon, I Promise.

Naeh Paxor

I dont wanna talk, but I do.

When I do talk, I always do something wrong.

I try to fit it, but I cant.

And when I seem i do, i do something wrong.

When someone says “life gets better”, thats the worst part.

I want to kill myself, BUT IM TOO DAMN SCARED.

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Aurora Vibes

Where's everyone listening from?
It's officially available on Spotify:


I’m listening this from NZ

PinkFlame YT

@noob1234l issac Issac I don't know you, I don't know what your going through. I know you've probably heard this millions of times but things will get better. I know you want to leave but please don't, because there is at least one person out there who cares about you and they will miss you. The world will miss you. Ending your pain will just pass it on to someone else, so please stay and try your hardest to make things better. I believe in you. You are strong! ❤

sky Jelena


sky Jelena


Daniel pubg

From Somaliland Awdal Borama

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maeedah williams15

My mother loved this song...she had cancer dad sang this to her just 7 minutes before she died

Artem Louel Salcedo

I fell sorry for you love you all and God bless you

im Episch

dude ur gonna make me cry

Jayce Ledbetter

@Nuradin Ahmed ok I will but how

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