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The Brisk Young Lover
Broken Leaf Lyrics

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Aahmad Richardson

Best tracks

24:25 - 26:34 “EKEKO information” (nice beat)

33:24 - 35:54 “Keep that thang on me- Father”

58:35 - 58:56 “?”

1:21:35 - 1:25:07 “Lean, stroke- Father”

2:14:27 - 2:16:22 “Like a sports ball-?”

2:43:40 - 2:44:53 “Serve, swag, serve, sauce-Father”

2:57:25 - 2:59:40 “Naughty, naughty hot tub dancing-?”

3:06:01 - 3:08:01 “Makasu’s lust-?”

3:16:45 - 3:17:20 “?”

3:41:55 - 3:43:21 “Everything is light-?”


If you're here for the Father tracks:

EDIT: Not to shameless plug buuut.. we interviewed the guy who made this (Max Simonet) on our stream recently!
We talked to him about these Father tracks and a bunch of other shit! Idk if I can link it here, but it's on this channel I'm commenting with.

preciate ya. 🙏


33:21 - Gemusetto Machu Picchu...

(4x) Im-a always keep that thang on me... (swing, swing, swing, swing)

Makasu know how to get it, (know how to get it)
Ekeko can't even kick it, (can't even kick it)
Everyone know who to go,
I put on my clothes, and I go for the go,

You don't wanna see me on court (see me on court)
I keep that thang in my shorts (thang in my shorts)
Look at the drip (hey), come take a sip, I got that Continental Grip (Continental Grip... CONTINENTAL GRIP ) [serve swag serve swag serve swag serve swag]

(2x) Im-a always keep that thang on me... (swing, swing, swing, swing)

Yeah... swing, hit, ace,
I'm out there with all the grace,
Makasu taking no breaks,
They can't keep up with the pace,

When I go in I go deep (deep) (deep deep)
Check out my reach (flick),
I don't even need no doubles,
Me all alone you still in trouble,

(4x) Im-a always keep that thang on me... (swing, swing, swing, swing)

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Adult Swim, you aren't supposed to make an entire season of an anime for April Fools.

Nick M

@Sudokuwiz ! Rick and Morty is overrated


@Arceus The Creator How original...

Arceus The Creator

Gross a furry.

Monroe's World Tokyo

It’s an show that parody anime

Aaron T

@Sudokuwiz ! I fucking hated that so bad

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My girlfriend broke up with me while this was on tv... I’ll always remember it...

AlexZTheGamer YT

Today is April 7 2021 , And this comment was posted 2 years ago , So you posted this Around April 1st - April 7th 2019 , And this show came out on April 1st 2019 , And the series aired in reruns On April 22nd 2019 , So your girlfriend broke up with you on April 1st? , I’m sure it was just an April fools joke


Sorry about that


I started watching this a month ago. My gf and I decided to split up and I found myself back here on this video, reading this comment.

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