Bruce Cockburn Lyrics

Rainfall on rolling green
Wavy lines and peacock sheen
Rainfall on rolling green
Prettiest world I've ever seen

Faces and places in a highway land
Beads strung on a silver strand
Quick silver in a callused hand
Never a place for the Son of Man
Born under a rainbow sign
Flash of wave in space and time
Molten glass and hearts that shine
Stone to gold in fire refined

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Comments from YouTube:


One of his most underrated albums in my opinion.

Paul Dunay

Amen. Tracks like Bright Sky, Laughter, Prenon La Mer and Can I Go With You, all faves, just incredible playing and recording. Crystal! Look up his track Creation Dream as well, from the same era, tremendous song.

Tom Innes

I have loved this song for a long time! Thanks.

Brian Lynch

St. Marys Ontario. Bruce Cockburn has been a staple since I was a young naive buck. Still is for different reasons. His mastery of the guitar and his finger picking style is astonishing. Only complimenting his lyrical genius.

Bruno Reinaudi

One of the best LP I have


Beautiful....Thanks from Italy

duchesne rené


Tim Roth

Faces and places in a highway land...life in America.

Pepe Roni

Came across the tape for the album in a lot deal on eBay, I don't really care much for the album but this song is amazing, melodic, mellow and oddly nostalgic in a way even though I've never even heard of Bruce Cockburn until now.


Give his discography a try its extremely varied soundwise

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