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Brvnks Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Snacks' by these artists:

The Twin Cats Jangan jadi seorang pecundang. Jadilah seorang pemenang. Jan…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Brvnks:

Don't Jumping between men so you don′t feel alone That's all you…
Don´t Jumping between men so you don't feel alone That's all you…
F.I.J.A.N.F.W.I.W.Y.T.B When you leave I knew it was forever I think it'll…
F.I.J.A.N.F.W.I.W.Y.T.B (Freedom Is Just a Name for What I Want You to Be) And when you leave I knew it was forever I think…
Fred I'm so glad to met this heavy thing you had…
I Hate All Of You I'm mad about people in the bus 'cause they're so…
Tristinha I don't like you that much It's not my fault I shouldn't…
Yas Queen And if you die, I'll catch you later Same old shit,…

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Comments from YouTube:

Thiago Cruz

mds. tô doido pra essa mulher virar hit no mundo logo e as músicas serem usadas em séries

Vinicius Gm

Esse inicio me lembrou Smells Like Teen Spirit ♥


Bons tempos aqueles


Adorei teu som!!! Muito daora

Matheus Roque

é muito bom ficar revisitando esse álbum porque você lembra como ele é gostoso de ouvir

paulo lenin


Matheus Christofori Da Silva

Sem defeitos



João Paulo Nunes Vieira

snacks 🤤🤤🤤

Shakur Boladão

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