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ok this is hard
Brvnks Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Brvnks:

Don't Jumping between men so you don′t feel alone That's all you…
Don´t Jumping between men so you don't feel alone That's all you…
F.I.J.A.N.F.W.I.W.Y.T.B When you leave I knew it was forever I think it'll…
F.I.J.A.N.F.W.I.W.Y.T.B (Freedom Is Just a Name for What I Want You to Be) And when you leave I knew it was forever I think…
Fred I'm so glad to met this heavy thing you had…
I Hate All Of You I'm mad about people in the bus 'cause they're so…
Tristinha I don't like you that much It's not my fault I shouldn't…
Yas Queen And if you die, I'll catch you later Same old shit,…

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Comments from YouTube:

bruna yamara was here

as artes desse álbum tão uma gracinha 🥺

Milton Oliveira

Que voz incrível sei que essa música pode mudar a vida de alguém 😍


bom demais❤️

Laura Queiroz

essa musica eh meu novo xodó <3

Arthur Beirut

Brvnks sendo Brnks ❤️

Karol Merry

essa música!!!

marlos Goulart

Valeu Furtado eu gostei da música, é nozes 🤝

Lucas Furtado

Tamo juntasso, te amo amigo te amo


meu deus nova da brvnks



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