Irish Drinking Song
Buck-O-Nine Lyrics

I stumbled in at 2am all drunk
And full of smoke
My wife said "I've had enough"
That's it, I'm sick, get out!"
So I stumbled down to kelly's pub
Across the edge of town
And I told the boys me story
And we had another round

and we'll drink and drink and drink
And drink and drink and drink and
Fight-yeah! [2x]
And if I see a pretty girl
I'll sleep with her tonight
I'll drink and drink and drink and
Drink and drink and drink and fight....

and mary McGregor
Well she was a pretty whore
She'd always greet you with a smile
And never lock her door
But on the day she died
I'll admit it sounded weak
For mary McGregor finally got some sleep

well I once loved a girl
A child I'm told
I gave her my heart
And she gave me a cold
So now I sit standing
Out in the pouring rain
I'll stumble back to kelly's pub
And cry away me pain


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Baron Munchausen

Thank you for properly listing this song.

Mike Novak

Kazaa, Napster, Morpheus, Limewire....they all fucked it up


On the slim chance that someone like me ends up holding a house party, I gotta set this shit up on karaoke. Major bonus points if I can get all of them to chant the chorus.

Paige Kennerly

Well, my dad actually sang this song, Scott Kennerly, I’m his daughter Paige Kennerly

k bron

SupaKoopaKid64 Hell yeah man I'm on the same boat. That would be nuts

Kurt Russell

my theme song

Richard Newcum

This is the first CD I ever bought

Brien Luck

UT Martin 2001

Ellington Hall

Martin, Tennessee, USA


I did ;)


I love the rock n roll song man that was my favorite

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