Buckethead Lyrics


"Can I try that?"
"Buckethead's show's right now. You can try this later."
"You see it last week?"
"Did you? It was really funny,"
"I think I did, I mean, yeah! It was so weird, I mean, yeah,"
"What part did you like the best, I mean, I like the part where those, like, all the chicken blood was on his sneakers. Did you dig that?"
"Yeah, and then I liked when, like, before that, when he, like, came out of the chicken soup, and then, um, he, like, did what you said."
"Right. Here, you can see this now."
"Thank you."

Guitar: Buckethead
Drums: Jerome (Bigfoot) Brailey
Voice: Julian, Stella & Vito Schnabel
Strings: The Material Stings, Arranged and Conducted by Karl Berger

Written by Buckethead
Published by Katella Music (BMI)

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Guyman Kiker

Best show ever.

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