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Vladimir Pockets' Incredible Bloated Slunk Show
by Buckethead

Killer sideshow, bobble.

It is the world's first theme park designed to transform into a functional giant robot. This mode is for emergency use only and has not been tested yet.

Seriously though, leave the chickens alone, this is not a joke.

Contributed by Maria S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


seriously though, leave the chickens alone, this is not a joke


most interesting man in the universe...


this is some funky metal chewy goodness of proportions unknown to man. like a giant robot


good reference

one H

... but the chickens are my friends ...
and ... yeah I know what you mean
dude seriously I grew up on you ... never 'ad a problem


Reminds me of Rage Against The Machine


i work at kfc and all the chicken i bread and fry looks like it suffered i great deal of pain before it was slaughtered dead chicken doesn't get black and blue bloody bruises and there are also broken bones that have been that happened days before they were killed i really feel bad for all the suffering iv'e seen of all the chicken i handle and its not that 11 herbs and spices its the loads of msg that makes it tasty kfc is a sick company thats why i put in my two weeks....


@faithfuldistortion1 lol


Buckethead rocks your socks!


@sai1891 indeed sir

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