Where The Ending Starts
Bucks Fizz Lyrics

You’ve been letting me down lately
It seems that we’re always apart
Is this just a phase that we’re going through
Or is this where the ending starts?

I can’t stand losing what’s left between us
So tell it to me straight from the heart
If the feeling’s gone, then we can’t go on
And this is where the ending starts
Maybe the love just slipped away
Without us ever knowing how
‘Cause we used to be going such high places
Where we goin’ now?

All I want is to be beside you
And it’ll hurt if this all has to end
We’ve been together so long, tell me what went wrong
We were lovers once but now just friends

Remember the warm nights wrapped in love
It seems like only yesterday
When it used to be easy talking to you
Now words get in the way

My life can’t ever be right without you
My future’s falling apart
You say the love we had is just a memory
And this is where the ending starts

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Comments from YouTube:


It was hard to see that Jay Aston didn't get a chair turn on "The Voice".

RJ McAllister

Lovely, with a fine Jay Aston lead vocal on yet another underrated Andy Hill song . Y'all over there don't know how good you had it with this bunch.


@FatknackerMacca I have always thought the same about the pic... I think it's more suitable for a "My Camera Never Lies" or "The Land of Make Believe" pic disc than the actual release indeed.


@FatknackerMacca Yeah, same here! , if someone please understand what's Jay singing at the end, post it! :)

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