Little Baby
Buddy Holly Lyrics

Little baby, baby me
Little baby, baby me
In my heart you are the one
Look around and have your fun
Wo, you be my little baby
And baby me
Little baby can you see
What your love has done to me
Can't you see love in my eyes
Love that leaves me full of sighs
Wo, you be my little baby
And baby me
Little baby, baby me
Little baby, baby me
Maybe I will baby you
With a bunch of love for you
Wo, you be my little baby
And baby me

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Buddy Holly

An interesting fact:

look almost just like him. I’m from Texas, have a bit of a similar voice, and play guitar and some other instruments. I remember singing a while ago and my parents and everybody said I reminded them of Buddy Holly. Then my parents looked at my family tree. There he was. On my family tree. I’m also same religion as him. I’m a baptist he was too. And I realized that my father looked like buddy too. I am happy to be related to him. I impersonate him

Some information about Buddy Holly:

Buddy Holly was only 22 when he died and sang since he was around 13. He was in a country and western duo with bob Montgomery for a while then he joined the crickets in late 1957. They had good songs together, such as, Oh Boy!, Peggy Sue, That’ll be the day, Everyday, and words of love. He was no doubt great at a lot. I don’t like him because he’s my relative, I like him because he has talent. I was a fan of him before I figured out I was related to him. But his band was mainly friends but he had his 3rd cousin by marriage join. Niki Sullivan was in there but then quit because he wasn’t a fan of the traveling. Then it was stuck with Buddy Holly, Joe B Mauldin, and Jerry Allison. Then the crickets got in a argument because Buddy wanted to record in New York. But Jerry and joe wanted to stay in Clovis New Mexico. Also Joe and Jerry were drinking a little bit. Then Buddy on a tour that took his life along with Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. Maria Elena Holly had a miscarriage and lost the baby. She was devastated and she never remarried again. February 3rd 1959 was then nicknamed The Day The Music Died. And there is some theories that Buddy shot The Big Bopper but there was no way it was possible for Buddy, Ritchie, or The Big Bopper to live. The last thing I want to say is....


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My God it kills me when I think what Buddy would have done in the '60's. Especially when the psychedelic stuff hit. He was way ahead of the pack. No doubt.

Mumpy Gumboo

@Iknow itall Yes sir.

Iknow itall

@Mumpy Gumboo the man was pure class mate pure class!

Mumpy Gumboo

It pains me too thinking of how young he died.... He was such a treasure. As far as the psychedelic era, it's hard to guess what he'd be doing; he didn't fool around or do drugs according to band mates. He would've probably turned into a crooner legend, like Sinatra, but with more R'n'B and rock 'n' roll flare. Genius.... R.I.P., Buddy

N Ferrer

Happy Birthday in Heaven Buddy!!! Today September 7, 2017 he would have turned 81. Rest in peace.

James Russell

I am liking more and more of Buddy's songs day by day... Going to share another one today.

joetake holly

+James Russell GOOD FOR YOU JAMES }}


If there is anyone out there that doesnt love Buddy Holly I will go up to them and beat them senseless because he is the most caring talented artist to exist and it's hard not to love him for who he is💜💙💜💙💜💙💜rest in piece Charles Holley, love you till the end of time-Ashlee💜😢💙


This music is really a Blues ! It's a fantastic song !

Bill Hurt

Heather's Wells favorite buddy and can't wait to see a exact voice sound like this one day

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