Words Of Love
Buddy Holly Lyrics

Hold me close and tell me how you feel
Tell me love is real
Mm, mm, mm, mm

Words of love you, whisper soft and true
Darling I love you
Mm, mm, mm, mm

Let me hear you say
The words I want to hear
Darling when you're near
Mm, mm, mm, mm

Words of love you, whisper soft and true
Darling I love you
Mm, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm, ah ah ah

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Written by: Buddy Holly

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The Beatles would most likely have existed in some form, probably a different name, who knows how a drop of water ripples in a pond. Everything affects everything else.
Buddy was affected by Elvis, but was more innovative as he wrote his own songs, directed the course his music took.
Elvis had a strong voice, was good looking eye candy for the girls and had a great stage presence, but it took Colonel Parker to see his potential and make him more of an icon than he would've been., which ultimately was his end.
Buddy most likely wouldn't have let Parker manage him even if the colonel wanted because he loved his music and felt he should be more in control of it.
Truly IMO the day the world lost Buddy was the day the music died, in a way; I dream of what the possibilities would have been with him around, but he did pave the way musically for the others.
He was using chord structures that weren't really being used in 50's songs. Listen to Well Alright and Everyday, just to get an idea if what I mean. Most prosucers wouldn't let "artists" stray from. 1,4, 5 or 1, 6m 4, 5 progressions very much, which is just any stereotypical song you can think of from then.

This is all just what I think, doesn't mean anything so I didn't come to argue... you know what opinions are like and everybody has one.
I'm 52, Buddy died years before I was born, but he is a main reason I learned to play music, his songs and everything I know about him touches my soul...I can't imagine a world without Buddy Holly...


Hold me close and tell me how you feel
Tell me love is real

Words of love you whisper soft and true
Darling I love you

Let me hear you say the words I want to hear
Darling when you're near

Words of love you whisper soft and true
Darling I love you...

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Alfonso Guerrero Estrella

Beatles version is different,voices first of all,harmony in second place,and instruments. Buddy is awesome,and Beatles too. So they are different, this is not competition.

Ben Ringenberg

Well put my friend. I like the beatles version a bit more, but buddy deserves credit for writing it, and he is a legend as well.

Carlitos R Camarillo

Buddy Holly was an influence on The Beatles

Vegas space program

@Simon Clayton lol what, I'm a huge buddy holly fan, but in my opinion the beatles managed to outdo this song by a little bit. It doesn't sound "mechanical" at all...

Paul Caffrey

Indeed it is not a competition, because there is none. Buddy wrote the song and there is no other version that remotely competes with his own.

lee shafer

Of COURSE this is a competition! One version is better.

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Lorraine Dalu

Buddy Holly set the standard for modern rock music. Just about everyone who followed owed their success to him in one way or another. Beatles included.

Orangutan Monkey

@msanm5 I never said you hated buddy. All im getting at is that it’s not a fair comparison because the beatles lived longer and got to do more things.

But seriously acting like an asshole and having a beatles pfp in this kind of argument doesn’t look too good


@Orangutan Monkey I'll be careful with words because you're sensitive.

I respect Buddy, but Beatles are the greatest music act of last century.

Let's leave it at that, kid.

Orangutan Monkey

@msanm5 Buddy died after 1 year in the business. we never got to see if he was more talented than what we have heard

Influence or not don’t forget that this happened a long time ago. Its not fair to compare the milestones of someone who was able to live a longer life with someone who only lived a short one. Elvis inspired buddy but elvis wasnt the king of rock yet. Back in the 50’s nobody was “record breaking” or a “genius” everyone just made music. What they did later in life and the legacy they left behind is what we use to define whether or not they where talented. If buddy had lived as long as the beatles then this would be a more fair argument.

Plus insulting someone and acting like a dick wont make your argument compelling and would thus make people want to disagree more.

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