Words Of Love
Buddy Holly Lyrics

Hold me close and tell me how you feel
Tell me love is real
Mm, mm, mm, mm

Words of love you, whisper soft and true
Darling I love you
Mm, mm, mm, mm

Let me hear you say
The words I want to hear
Darling when you're near
Mm, mm, mm, mm

Words of love you, whisper soft and true
Darling I love you
Mm, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm, ah ah ah

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Written by: Buddy Holly

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I was 13 at the time.
The concert poster, he was billed as “The Crickets”.
Just starting to make a name for himself.
Buddy was not yet known as the other stars.
But that was to change.
Soon it was “Buddy Holly & the Crickets.”

His voice range was excellent.
No special machine was needed to enhance his voice.
Just pure raw talent.

I will never again see so many rock legends all in one building
at the same time.

yes... I was a damn lucky guy.

Lubbock, Texas....y’all.

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Dan Allured

Unheard of in '57 died in '59, two years became one of the biggest influences on music of ALL generations,tell me another artist who has achieved his status in that short amount of time? simply a god amongst men imho.

Younger Dryas

Bob Dylan would probably be the only one to come close. He released two incredible albums in one year.

mcbillygoat !

A rock pioneer forever immortalized in the 1950’s. Beyond that, his music forever speaks to new generations of young adults.

Solaris Moon

Six pac wasn't a musician.

C00CHIEmane !**

Dan Allured ummm Tupac?


I know this is three years ago and all, but Jimi Hendrix? "Not much of a songwriter"? That could well be the most ignorant statements I've ever heard. It's in the Top 5 definitely.

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Metro At Midnight

If Buddy hadn't ever existed ...the Beatles literally wouldn't have been the Beatles,the rolling stones might not have become famous or at least not for longer,bob Dylan and bobby vee  would not have had a big influence ,john Lennon,elvis Costello and countless others wouldn't have worn their glasses on stage because of critisism ,all the bands who followed these guys wouldn't have been ,without buddy...absolutely everything from music to coffee machines would've been different .guys.....buddy is not just one of the biggest pioneers for rock n roll and music,he's the biggest pioneer for life..Forever live Buddy..

Truth Hitman

@Wesley Cook WRONG.
John Lennon himself said " before Elvis there was nothing." Fact 💯
Buddy Holly was a big influence on the Beatles but John Lennon, the LEADER of the Beatles, said without Elvis there would be no Beatles. Anyone who knows about the Beatles Should know this.

Truth Hitman

@Liliane Lucas
Yes, Buddy Holly was a big influence on the Beatles , which is probably why they started writing their own songs n everything. But Elvis Presley Was a cultural icon. Everyone wanted to look like him and be like him in some sort of way. People admired Buddy Holly. But the girls screamed and went mad over Elvis Presley.

Truth Hitman

Rock n Roll used to be called " race music " because of its black origin. Fats Domino, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and many others were singing Rock n Roll before any white person you can think of. Rock n Roll was basically Boogie Woogie music. And then the mainstream would water down the songs for their white audience by making people like Pat Boone do cover versions. So stop with the ignorant Crap. Black people invented Rock n Roll.

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