Buju Banton, Sudan: We need your help!

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by Buju Banton

wow wow wo yo Sudan - Sudan, Sudan, Sudan, Sudan, Sudan x4

We be on to the United Nations
There are nothing but a front
Claim they've been observing so long
Many moons and months
Why you never see de suffering nation
Tell I, tell I
Who will help our people in starvation
Hail Sudan, going through our struggle
Like how you help those who fight that that armed struggle
Hail Sudan, not for personal benefit
Oh help Sudan, even thou she's not rich

wow wow wo yo Sudan - Sudan, Sudan, Sudan, Sudan, Sudan x4

Give har likkle peace
Prosperity gradually come
An end to war
They have put down their guns
Children die for cost
They know not about
And this is not word a mouth
Oh Sudan, we see your plight
Ooh, Buju know, Buju know...

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