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Don Oiche Ud I MBeithil
Burgess Meredith Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Don Oiche Ud I MBeithil' by these artists:

Celtic Woman Don oнche ъd i mBeithil, beidh tagairt ar ghrйin go…
Sharon Lyons Don oíche úd i mBeithil beidh tagairt faoi ghréin go brách, …

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Comments from YouTube:

Diamondgirl Kat

Love this tune and Burgess Meredith's reading of the beautiful poetry.
Have enjoyed "The Bells of Dublin" CD for many, many years.
It's my 'go-to' antidote to horrid Christmas "mall-music".  <3


Good choice. This elegant cd is one of the greatest christmas albums ever created. I will listen to this even outside of the season.

Tom Edwards

thanks for commenting. it's truly a wonderful rendition in both english and gaelic. 

Thomas Bosher-Perran

Got this CD when it came out and it is in my CD player in my truck from Thanksgiving to New Years, every year. Thanks for making this available to share with others!

Diamondgirl Kat

Here I am again... love listening to these voices, these musicians.

Tom Edwards

check out my christmas music blog -- lots of stuff in here you'd like i think .


Awesome and breathtaking musical tribute to Christmas. Thanks for the share.


i grew up listening to this album. i now sing this song with my family.

Susi Matthews

Absolutely lovely, thank you!

Jesus Roselly

Man, hearing this brings back the memories. Either a cold lonely drive through Iowa at midnight in December or walking across the FOB at night in Afganland , remembering that the Joy of the Season is The love of Jesus Christ being born to fulfill prophecy that he may lead the way and shed perfect blood for our sins.

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