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by Burial Invocation

graves of the unholy, festered skin of necrotic breed
skulls piled in darkness,mass homicide by infectious bleeding
crawling through the edge of death, eyelids close soon the skin will rot
there is no eternal rest, as rebirth exumes the dead from tomb

from void of dark the dead arise
that is the true form of being, the living despised
upon the grave an existential tide
unconsecrated ritual of the profane, disrespect for the dead

dismal perceptions from beyond
bleak aura of darkness that absorbs the flesh through nothingness
the fallen souls of the damned
insidiously deformed...

sermons of the fouled, the density of horror, abandoned in restless sleep
persecution with the absence of light peculiar to living, deprived of grace
begotten piles of amorphous flesh, horrid visions
obscure nature of the rotting, divine grace turns into melting skin...

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