Burning Spear Lyrics

Fret not yourself my brother
Worry not yourself, my sister
Come, let's rock in time, rock in time
Come, let's rock in time, rock in time, rock in time

First you must know the time dwell with they
Each and ev'ry individual
Now come, let's rock in time

Let we dip it up your fingers
Come we a get this so loud and clear
All over this lair
All over Whitehill
The coming of the Most High
His Majest
Oh, his Majesty

So come, let's rock, rock in time, rock in time
Rock in time, keep on rock in time, rock - in time

Please don't call up yourself my brother
Don't call up yourself my sister
Let's rock in time, rock in time
Keep on rock in time

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Comments from YouTube:

Bradley Ashtonne

Yes I naya binghi boombo shanti man the drum roll that through time peace 🔥

Leda Sampaio

Reggae e Bom Jah

Knkyknk RblFtrk

Sziii Svnr Larmée TXEDJAKING en force Niké 6tm


Je weet toch

corcovits van de veer

ye!!!! tanks vriend !

corcovits van de veer

als het systeem niet valt veranderd er nadda!

m s

Drum reggae

knky king

Poutate !.... DGANTYNLS !!!


In de jaren 80 zwaar uit me plaat gegaan op dit hele album. Coffeeshop-tijd. Burning Spear, I Jahman, Eek A Mouse, Yellowman, Black Uhuru, Culture, Gregory en weet ik veel wie nog meer. Mooie tijden!

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