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by Burton Cummings

My friend Billy he was actin' kinda silly by the seashore
He started goofin', countin' all the grains of sand
About a thousand and thirty he was gettin' kinda dirty
And he looked at himself and he laughed
He said, "I'll never even finish what I got right here in my hand"

He had a revelation, had a revelation
He had some kinda knowledge comin'
In from somewhere else for free
He had a revelation, special information
And I'm hopin' they'll be catchin' it
From sea to shining sea

A girl named Nancy started talkin' kinda fancy over dinner
Usin' clever phrases she would always hafta stop and explain
As each sentence ended all her guests were more offended
And she looked at herself and she laughed

She said "I'll never ever use those hundred dollar words again"
She had a revelation, she had a revelation
She had some kinda knowledge comin' in
From somewhere else to see
She had a revelation, a special situation
And I'm sure they'll be catchin' it from sea to shining sea

Well, there's a time and a place for everything
A way of standin' up and never tippin' your canoe
Sometimes it's better if you just give in
Never use a hammer on a screw

Mister L. da Vinci said he wouldn't budge an inch he
Was convinced that someday humans would fly
He made some little paper aeroplanes
To show them what he had on his mind
Even men of learnin' would have rather
Seen him burnin' like the devil
Or the witch they thought he was

So he kept his big mouth shut
And he didn't have to say goodbye
He had a revelation, he had a revelation
He had some kinda

Knowledge comin' in from A to Z
Had a revelation, a pile of information
And I'm hopin' they'll be catchin' it
From sea to shining sea

Revelation, revelation
Special information
Special situation
Pile of information

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