Tiney Winey
Byron Lee Lyrics

Tiney Winey...
I wanna rumba close to the soca
Tiney Winey, wine your bum bum
Tiney winey whine your bum bum x4
Wine this Tiney

Writer(s): Justin Cassell

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As sung by Byron Lee and the Dragonaires
0.Tiny Winey, this chick from country; came home this season, looking for fun.
Tiny Winey, went 'way so long; now she's back home, wailing down the town.
(Refrain A) I came to run, I came to jump, I came to ...
I want to rhumba, up to this soca, I want to ...

1.(Ref B) Tiny Winey, wind your bum-bum; Tiny Winey, wind your bum-bum.
Tiny Winey, wind your bum-bum; Tiny Winey, wind your bum-bum.
Bada bada bada badadap badau; bada bada bada badadap badau.
Wind Miss Tiny, roll back Miss Tiny. (both lines, 2)

2. Tiny Winey, told the committee; I am a West Indian, I love plenty action.
Since my arrival, for Carnival; it's as if a winding machine, is in my system.
(Refrain A) (Refrain B)

3. Tiny Winey, jumping in the band; winding, winding on her man.
Tiny Winey, got so hot; she said, "Mister, give me all you've got."
(Refrain A) (Refrain B)

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Stephanie LA

Shout out to the show “Death in Paradise” for introducing me to really good music! 🎼


@Melissa Godwin Me literally 15 mins ago bahaha


I legitimately came right after the episode with this I can't even express how happy I am to see someone else here bc of it too :D


Same here!

Michelle Krier Stone

Death in Paradise got me here too ! lol

Duane Stuart

I'm an old guy from the Midwest and my favorite part of Death In Paradise is the music. Just watched JP and Marlon singing this. Had to hear it all. Oh, yeah!

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Listened to this song all the time as a child. Whenever I hear it, I MUST DANCE!!!

kacey ann walker

Can't stop dance to this song 💃💃💃💃

Blacksonrise Spiritual University

When you make the mistake on turning on old time soca. You better be prepared to start dancing for a looooooonnnnnng time. This music makes you moves non stop.

Joanie Seepersad

Having the same problem

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