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2 Cents
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Beowülf Everybody's got to throw their 2¢ Everybody's got to throw t…
Dead Heat When you come around you don't see How you act seems…
IDK Shy Glizzy Niggas be talkin' 'bout nets But they on the sideline lookin…
Rainsford "2 cents Lyrics Got a sore throat and I keep choking I did…
XFilesX Bash us on your message boards. Talk shit in your…

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saadatu salihu

Your generosity towards curing my illness is
incomparable You got me Cured completely under 18
days I was tested negative you are indeed a blessing
keep saving life dr omoh.🦍

Marilyn Paula Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Such a great video, I posted about this in an ED support group recently. Yes there is a big relationship between concerns about penis size and psychological ED, I and I get asked about it a lot from clients. I think in part it is because the only other penises most heterosexual men see belong to porn stars and they are usually not representative of average size. Thanks for dispelling some of the myths. Men think about this a lot more than women do!

Frozo 1290

@Tompat exactly


@Frozo 1290 Women will take whatever you have. Do you complain about the width or depth of their parts. No we just except it

Don Thato

I disagree with the last part. Men think about because women body shame them for it.


@MUHAMMAD MANU ISAWA How much were you paid for this comment ?


I will never forget the day i came across Dr igho channel on YouTube , I will always keep it memorable , Thank you Dr igho on YouTube , for helping me enhance my penis size naturally , in you , I hope to leave again because I feel more enhaned , thank you Doc

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richard miller

The Penuma surgery has been successful and I believe is FDA approved. Unfortunately, there are support groups now for people who had a failure with this surgery. Lots of nasty complications. Some people ended up with even smaller penises than they had before.

Christian Emmanuel

Humbly appreciate your kind gesture Dr osaye,you have always been able to help with any of my health issues,i didn’t know how to face the shame of having a small penis but I’m happy to say today that I’m glad to have you as my doctor because it just seems like magic

Bee 1984

You can actually utilize a penile extender for 1 year 4 to 6 hours Monday to Friday rest Saturday and Sunday and proceed. I actually increased 1 inch, but I would like an extra inch. In addition, I switched to hanging weights to see if I can get that extra inch. It is very essential to understand that Penile Extender can only increase 1 inch for one year. If you want to increase more then you need to switch to hanging weights, or take a decondition break for 2 week up to 1 month then come back to penile extender. In my case, I switched to penies hanging weights to break the plateau.

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