2 Cents
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Beowülf Everybody's got to throw their 2¢ Everybody's got to throw t…
Dead Heat When you come around you don't see How you act seems…
idk Cute face, nice ass, but she's schemin' on the low I…
IDK Shy Glizzy Niggas be talkin' 'bout nets But they on the sideline lookin…
Lourdes 2 CENTS Well I could waste a weekend doing nothing But save…
Mapei I don′t mind, it don't even make 2 cents Chop chop,…
Rainsford "2 cents Lyrics Got a sore throat and I keep choking I did…
XFilesX Bash us on your message boards. Talk shit in your…

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This video really helped me, It was so good, I called my neighbor over and he watched it with me, it changed our lives for the better


So fuckibg real


Your utmost dedication towards your work has gave me full confidence, Doctororias, sometimes we do need trust to with a great sense of humor to get things accomplished, I never thought there would be a way to execute HSV, thanks for curing me Dr and putting other doctors to shame who'd thought I must go for an operation


Dr Edos on YouTube channel has gone above and beyond to be sure that my complete health and wellness have been made first priority,thank you for being such an amazing doc


Educative content 🔥👍🏽.....top notch


Hey doc, love the vid, i do have a question tho:

At around what age should a man start grooming hair around his genitalia?


i dont think theres an age for that, some may grow hair from a young age but it just should be shaved if its too long cuz it can cause too much smell and even bacteria i think


Such a great video, I posted about this in an ED support group recently. Yes there is a big relationship between concerns about penis size and psychological ED, I and I get asked about it a lot from clients. I think in part it is because the only other penises most heterosexual men see belong to porn stars and they are usually not representative of average size. Thanks for dispelling some of the myths. Men think about this a lot more than women do!


Great reaction Marilyn. Thank you 👍🏻


Your medication and thoroughness contributed to speeding up my Girt Enhancement, I wonder what could have become of me if you weren't the one who handled my case. Thank you for helping me Enhance my penis size naturally Dr Igho on YouTube, God bless you

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