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One Hundred and Eighty
C+ Average Lyrics

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Alexandre Nacache

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>
using namespace std;

//  by Alexandre Nacache

int main()

double grade;

cout << "enter your grade...\n";

cin >> grade;

if (grade >= 90)

cout << "you got an A\n";

else if (grade >= 80)

cout << "you got a B\n";

else if (grade >= 70)

cout << "you got a c\n";

else if (grade >= 60)

cout << "you got a D\n";


cout << "you got an F\n";

return 0;

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My first computer programming joke <100 that is great... Awesome work on the videos! You are more through than most and actually use the using namespace std; instead of std:: Thank you

Imad Sadeq

just wanted to clarify to 2:39 when he said hes using and function its because if he choose the or function...whatever number user inputs will give him an A because its less than a 100 but using an AND function limits it to just between 90 and 100.

Robert Minick

don't forget that grade should be >= 90, this way it covers if user enters exactly 90


THANKS MAN you literally just uploaded the answer to my homework assignment.

Yun Suco

thank you very much, i wasn't able to do this last night at school, this would be very helpful. I'm now studying programing in Philippines and reaching and watching a lot about programs, now i found this and thank u a lot. hope to watch more videos from you.


Thank you very much for this... I have an activity that is needed to be submitted tonight and this video really help me a lot... Thank you again!!!

Deepak Nepal

what if a student scores 100? should it be (grade<=100)?

Om Parkash

write a program that declares a class name student. Having 4 member variables rollno, name, marks, cgpa. Having 2 member functions and output them within a class. You have to get input in the main and output it within the class.

Plz solve this problem

Tim Li

this is so helpful!


Decade later and this is still helpful 👌
Savaaaaage 🔥🔥🔥😂😂 “-4 grade”

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