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Sleep and piece of mind in E E and D
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While asking questions in a Harvard lecture, it's important to maintain a respectful and thoughtful tone. Here are a few light-hearted but respectful "dumb" questions you could ask to spark some interest or humor:

1. "Could you explain that again? I was too mesmerized by the architecture of this lecture hall to catch the details."

2. "Is this going to be on the exam, or should I just appreciate the intellectual gymnastics?"

3. "I might be overthinking this, but does this equation look more like a work of modern art to anyone else?"

4. "I'm still trying to grasp the previous concept. If my understanding were a marathon, it's currently at the crawling stage."

5. "Is it just me, or did the textbook choose the most convoluted way to explain this?"

6. "I feel like this idea went over my head like a plane at cruising altitude. Any chance of a gentle descent into understanding?"

7. "Forgive my brain for taking the scenic route, but could you simplify this to the level of a five-year-old's curiosity?"

8. "I have a hunch my confusion is in the majority here, but could you break down that last equation step by step, preferably in slow motion?"

9. "I must admit, I tried reading this chapter at 2 AM and ended up more lost than Hansel and Gretel. Can we find our breadcrumbs back?"

10. "I think my calculator and the lecture slide are having a lovers' quarrel. They just can't seem to agree on the math."

Remember, while these questions aim to bring a touch of humor, it's crucial to be respectful to the lecturer and your fellow students. It's natural to ask questions when you're unsure, and your curiosity might actually help others who might be feeling the same way.


Hi Juan, this is Anderson Diogo, I write from Africa in Angola country ...

Just to tell you that I love you.
Yes I love you man.

What you have been doing, for me, is a gesture that really only the Universe can understand, the positive energy and love you spread to people around your country is so good, that I can only thank you for being the best digital influencer of all time...

"That was epic is my best YouTube and Facebook channel"

Good work.
I am with you on this side.

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Teacher: “The only dumb questions are the ones you don’t ask”



You have 1.5k likes


Woah. Nice quote


2,000th like


Lol my teacher has said that too


the next guy, you have 3 likes

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Teachers: there are no such things as stupid questions



Looooool.. This is funniest post o have read here


@@sergh102 There are no such thing as stupid questions, just stupids that make questions (-my math teacher 1979-2045)


@@SidenoteChannelcuz he was blockheaded

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