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Mr. Bussiness
C.L.G.S.E. Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by C.L.G.S.E.:

El hombre variable Llora el cielo indignado Limpia este suelo magro Sudor y…
Hellraiser Tick tock the boring clock I want to rip it off…
Intro June 3rd, the day I was born Lil' nappy head nigga,…
Otra vez Que me pasa Que en ti vuelvo a pensar otra vez Me…
Outro Just cause this is the end Don't mean it gotta…

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Comments from YouTube:


Whether you from Ghana or Nigeria, e be no body's business.

But its everyone's business to enjoy this hit....don't preach hate but show love

V-star Datimoguy

my girlfriend just broke up with me, but i cant complain to you guys because its nobody's business

Kodua Kwame

V-star Datimoguy nice one boy ibi nobody business


V-star Datimoguy or I can be that one most Caribbean person and ask what happened

Tremaine Aldon Neverson

Rumour has it that the two will be arrested for murdering the track.



WhoWasShe AndWhy

I heard that shit too. They ended up caught in London or Dubai I'm sure but hey rumor has😂😤 #Playingalong.

SisQo Gutty

Nice one bruv😀😁

Kenneth Godoga

Tv3 :Breaking news; the FBI has joined forces with the BNI to investigate into the murder case of this track

Folks: it be nobody's business

G_JORDAN Sylvester


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