C.N.Blue Lyrics

Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

Yup (big girls need love too)
Yup, yup, yup
Where you at, where you at, where you at?
Yeah (big girls need love too)
Yeah, here we go momma

Good God damn! Girl you done did it
Your ass sittin' out and I'm bouts to come get it
Baby sportin' a nine, look how she fit it
The lil' itty bitty petite, I ain't with it
C'mon girl quit it, I know your name thicky-thick
You got your boy sicky-sick, can I get a quickie-quick?
Ooh shit! That's a whole lotta love
No disrespect, but I'd rather buy you clothes than grub
You stand out in a crowd
With a ass like that you can't help but fart loud
So be proud, momma shake that shit
Don't feel intimidated by that boney lil' bitch
I order number three with a super-sized Sprite
And I guarantee ya, man the girl'd get busy all night
You warm in the winter, you shade in the summer
All I'm sayin' is can I have your phone number? Damn!

Before you start to run your mouth and don't know what you talkin' 'bout
Man you need to check it out (big girls need love too)
All I'm sayin' is can I have your phone number? Damn!
You sweet as a honey bun, some of them are coochie sprung
You can have a lot of fun (big girls need love too)

Now let me kick it to the facts, hold up, stop the track
Some of y'all say you're thick, but your ass really fat
And man I ain't with that
Imagine three hundred pounds sittin' on your boy lap
It's gon' be kinda hard for me to show you bed drills
Make you get up off yo' lazy ass and hit the treadmill
We can't do nothin' 'til you lose about fifty
I creep late at night and hit ya ass with a quickie
Lose fifty mo' I might take ya to the sto'
Lose fifty mo' then ya fine ass get to go
So chill with the Twix, Skittles and the Starburst
Cause before I hit you now I have to hit the bar first
Ha, I got a juicy booty fetish
And I'll run through that ass just like Jermone Bettis
Put her butt to the wall and her back won't touch it
Every thong she try on look like she gon' bust it


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Catch you at the spot, shakin' the fart box
The way she pop'll make your jaw drop
A cute lil' freak, got jokes like Monique
The kind that, lay on your leg and make your foot fall asleep
She built, for the more bounce, heavy duty
And thick, where it all counts, heavy booty
So all you lil' mommas braggin' 'bout your gym passes
You need to slow down 'fore you flatten out your asses
I ain't tryin' to work, with no little cutter
I tell you what I know, not what I heard my brother
She beg for the thang thang, baby please
She want to get on top but I, can't breathe
And I won't stop now so we, keep goin'
She heave, I'm hoin', we in the boat rowin'
I can't do nuttin' but try to hang on
Big momma where you at? Come get your bang on



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Emily GuCe

2020, this is a real hit in my heart

Musa Viki

2021 and I'm crying.

mint yoongi



2021, and yes :')

Evangeline Aurellie

2021 here!😌

Shanel Esmail

Sameeeeeeee lolz

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Loulou asdfghjkl

2021 and this song lives in my head rent free

Musa Viki


Richard Akira

Im heree :v

Elliana Fauzi


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