Where you are
C.N.Blue Lyrics

You were so complete
You made a perfect mess of my head
I should have known better
But I was bored and looking for kicks

You were the open window
A two lane highway headed West
You were my adventure
The silver charm around my neck
So where are you now
I thought I was going crazy
But now it just makes me laugh

I'm talking to the TV
And the TV is talking back
You were the dare at midnight
The gold narcotic on my breath
You were the beggar's tin cup
You were the stain on my bed

So where are you now
Yea where are you now
I'm gonna buy an old car
And drive high into the sun
Maybe if I lose it all
We'll have us a little fun

You were the desert motel
You were the rose in my teeth
You were the first to forgive me
You made the last drink taste so sweet

So where are you now
Where are you now
You gotta tell me
Where are you now
Come on come on
Where where where
Are you now, where


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Comments from YouTube:


Chilenas encerio griten mucho,apoyenlos y denles mucho amor. Ellos se lo merecen y que afortunadas son :'D


Still listening to this awesome piece, and the concert version is waaay better!

Lady Emblem - LeeMeli

2021 y seguimos reproduciendo semejante joya 💙 CNBLUE FOREVER

yahin universe ikonic neverland forever

since when is looks indirectly proportional to talent?
it just so happen CNBLUE's talents is equally proportional to their looks or better yet talents >>>>>>>> their looks

biiniza hernandez sanchez

Alguien en el 2019?

Wendy YR

Por el ángel!!.. cómo pueden ser tan guapos, sensuales y talentosos al mismo tiempo? <3 :3

Diianii Tomlinson

They are AMAZING!! I can't get enough of CNBLUE 😎👌👌

lynn jjune

When I miss Jungshinnie's long hair, then I'll go through their old vids. Gorgeous Jungshin, long hair is so perfect with his unique face, tied up or untied.

Arise Kraken

@lyn yuni I guess most people don't like long hair. That's too bad, since it means most of the idols won't grow their hair out. I'm loving Jonghyun's extensions for Orange Marmalade. :) I've gotten used to Junghin's short hair, but I still like it better long. :)

lynn jjune

nice to hear that... cuz in soompi, there's a pooling to vote their idol which is the best, short hair or long hair. suprisingly, most voter choose for short hair for their idol including Jungshinnie, more than70 % :)) 

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