C.N Blue (씨엔블루) Lyrics

Soulless eyes stare at bodies poised above
Under the false pretence that she enjoys your touch
But the cold truth in her eyes cannot hide that her smile is worn
And she’ll find a tranquil place while she begs too much applause

She’ll lie

A loveless butchers is where they come to see
Whatever pleasures their failed hearts can’t achieve
But when they salivate her turned stomach stays
The shade can’t burn the swine who keep the century’s pallet grey

She’ll lie

Written by: ADAM MAYM HUME

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Flames JZ

04.04.20 I always come back to this song, although a lot of things have changed the emotion that I feel everytime I listen to this is still the same... Jong hyun made a mistake but as with everyone I hope he learns from this and moves on to become an even better person for himself🌷 He always will hold a special place in my 💚

Aizel Villamar

same thought.. i love cnblue, love them all💖


He said that the next song is "Lie" and he had written this song at the waiting-room :) And that this is song about someone who is loved but don't believe that is loved, that's why song is called "lie". And at the end he said: please, listen carefully ;-)

Abraham Lincoln

Despite Jonghyun's MISTAKE, it doesn't define who he is. His MISTAKE tells me he made bad decision. Who hasn't? I choose to see him for who he really is. A human, a musician, a fellow being. And despite my handle, I am woman.

nofar Simanah

jonghyun voice make my heart melt


the live version is even cooler than the audio.

Sivas S

@yahin06 I totally agree. In their concerts they deliberately alter the arrangement of their songs so that they can give it more of a rock feel.

yahin universe ikonic neverland forever

their live versions are almost always waaaay better than audio versions :)


Been wondering why Jonghyun's solo didn't turn out like the songs he composed for CNBLUE (Lie, Blind Love, etc.). I think his voice suits these types of songs better.

Susy H.

I agree with you guys, I wonder if he really chose the style of his solo album

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