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C.N Blue (씨엔블루) Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by C.N Blue (씨엔블루):

I don't know why Bitches love me and niggas hate me I know why…
Let's Go Crazy Let Me Go See I can still remember when You said you…
Lie Soulless eyes stare at bodies poised above Under the false p…
LOVE Love, I am so different Love, I am so different Love, I…
LOVE GIRL Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey Yup (big girls…
one time featuring see Loc [Silkk The Shocker] Once upon …

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An easier method I found out for myself is to use the left right method. If all my rings are in column A, then column B would be left, and Column C would be Right. If I want all my rings to go to the 'right' column but dont know which column to start in, I name each ring top to bottom using Right left. Start at right, then next ring will be left, then next ring will be right, etc. The last ring you stop on will start your first move at the right or left Column.
5 rings

Right <---- Move top ring here

If you want the rings in the 'Left' column, you start counting Left then right instead.

Once thats done, since a big piece cant go on a little ring, put the second ring in column B. Then move the small ring on to Column B as well; giving you space to put the 3rd ring in column C. Your goal now is to move all the pieces in column B to column C as well. Once you do that you'll have room for the 4th ring to go to column B.

Sajid Manzoor

Solve the following puzzle for Tower of Hanoi

· If puzzle can be accomplished in 3 moves with two discs. Use this to work out how many moves would be needed with three discs?

· If puzzle can be completed in 15 moves with four discs. Use this to work out how many moves would be needed with five discs?

· In general, describe a way of working out how many moves are needed when one extra disc is added?

ye kese hoga

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For n disks, total 2^n – 1 moves are required.

Suraj Gupta

Toh(n) = 1 + 2*Toh(n-1) by this relation we will get 2^n-1 moves total

Sai Dutt

the music is so appropriate for this...recursion feels like magic


Idk it sort of brings nostalgia feel

Youssef Mansour

what is the name of this music ?

Lukas Scharmitzer

still dont get it

Jumpin Jehosephat

@dean humanoid they did it one by one immediately after that moment, it was an example of what needs to happen before moving the big disk.


@Anwarul Bashir Shuaib "If you're homeless just buy a house", it's not that simple though. You cant just say "focus" then boom, we get it. People have different ways of thinking that causes them to interpret it in different ways. You may get it easily, but some of us require more detail because it's how we work.

Anwarul Bashir Shuaib

It's not that hard. Focus and you'll get it. Learning something by persisting through the difficulties will make it hard to forget and easy to apply.

dean humanoid

At time 1:45, they appear to violate the first rule by putting all three discs onto spike B at once. I think this is just because they assume that you know that this is supposed to happen one by one. The explanation would be clearer if they didn't skip this detail and actually did them one by one.

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