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See my hands and look at my feet
It's okay if it's hard to believe
I have faith that you will do greater things
It's my time to go, but before I leave

Go tell the world about me
I was dead but now I live
I've gotta go now for a little while
But goodbye is not the end
Don't forget the things that I taught you
I've conquered death and I hold the keys
Where I go you will go too someday
But there's much to do here before you leave so

Go tell the world about me
I was dead but now I live
I've gotta go now for a little while
But goodbye is not the

End of the journey
The end of the road
My spirit is with you
Wherever you go
You have a purpose
And I have a plan
I'll make you this promise
I'll come back again
But until then

Go tell the world about me
For I was dead but now I live
Oh, I've gotta go now for a little while
Hey, but goodbye is not the end

(Go tell the world) Oh
Go tell them about me
(Go tell the world)
I've gotta go
(Go tell the world)
For a little while
But goodbye is not the end

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Blake Neesmith, Carter Frodge, Logan Cain, Madison Cain, Taylor Cain

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Paul Botello

I grew up without a Father. So many walk that same path of life, never knowing the TRUE guidance a Father can provide, the sense of protection, the unwavering love a Father is supposed to extend to his children.

It only got harder once I had children of my own, HOW do I be a Father, when I don’t even know what it means…so many abandon their children asking that same question to themselves.

God changed everything, God began showing me what it meant to love, to care, to nurture…but not just my children, but those around me “thy neighbor”.

I realized I knew no Father, just so I could come to know THE FATHER, when the time was right 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

We are going to have “Moments of Uncertainty”

But that is not as important as the element you use to relieve yourself. Many followers of Christ are still indulging in our vices and addictions to relieve our “Uncertainties”

Lean on God in your darkest moments, lean on the word that says you were created with meaning and purpose, lean on the Grace of God…let it steady your mind, your heart and your body.

I don’t know who I’m writing to, who’s reading this, but God is ready, and waiting for you to seek him, through Jesus Christ, whom he sent to die the death meant for you and I.

Not just on Sunday, not just when you “need” him, not just when you’re desperate…but every day, hour, minute and second of your life.

Develop consistency in Christ, and you will come to know what it means to “Be still, and know, that he is God”

Glory be to God 🩸🩸🩸

If I still have you here, God bless you, join me as I take you inside a moment of my own personal “Uncertainty” in life, while never forgetting God has me always 🙏🏽🕊


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Nikki’s Corner

Everytime I listen to this song, I can’t help but cry. It’s such a beautiful song and such a great reminder. It’s so heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time.

mike mclaren

Well put,Praise God

Rebecca Chavez

This was such an amazing song to listen to, as christians we have to remember to share the word and to remember Jesus is coming back, this is a beautiful song. 🙂

Rebecca Chavez

By the way I just watched the K-love fan awards and your guy's priceless face was so cute. 😂 But yeah it was unexpected, congratulations on Rise up Lazarus. 👏


I love you guys I had got back from the k-love fan awards and you guys were one of my favs and I would love to see you guys in concert ❤ ♥


@Rebecca Chavez yeah

Rebecca Chavez

@CatzRule_77 I know right?! 🙌😃


@Rebecca Chavez oh cool

Rebecca Chavez

Me to! 😀

Missi Brooke

This song is soo beautiful, like the lyrics are simply amazing!! I love you Cain God bless you all! 💞💞💞

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