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I'm A Chicken Head
by Cam'ron

Get it right I am a chicken
I'll be a chicken cause your a cat
So I need you to go meow at that girl door and get my buddy passes

Get it all right now cause I will not even be answering the phone for you

I'm sayin hello and you just hung up the fuckin phone and then when I was calling back you wasn't even answerin the fuckin phone I don't understand

So what you said you wasn't even gonna call me no more any ways so why you callin me?

Fuck I say the fuck I wanna say and so what
You say a lot of fuckin things and don't do it you wanna get technical

Why are you callin?

Don't fuckin play with me cause I will come to Manhattan fuckin and punch you in your face that's how you got me feelin right now, don't play with me

Don't call me no more

I'll call you when I feel like it, change your number, Ima chicken so Ima act like a chicken quack quack quack quack quack o whatever the fuck sound the they make

That's a duck you see how you see how chicks do get ya sound right what you wanna be a duck or a chicken

I wanna fuckin punch you right in ya fuckin eye I swear to God, I wanna punch you in ya eye thats what I wanns do I wanna bunch you in in ya fuckin nose what street you goin to?

I'm going to my photo shoot

Where on 20 um 4th

Don't worry where I'm at cause

I swear to god I will call fuckin ever fuckin studio and fuckin find you I get on my computer right now and get a list I swear to god if I have to find you on my own I swear I'm a fuckin act crazy play wit me play wit me and you know I will cum down there so fuckin play wit me like you don't know how we used to act do in '97 '98 '99

Man listen

No you fuckin listen don't tell me listen you fuckin listen


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