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Rude Boy
by Cam'ron

Hello, yo dis Cam'ron
Yo who dis, yo what the blood-clot you mean who dis,
Yo bregerin' word round here is ya fuck de pum pum star
Yo pum pum

What do you mean that's my pum pum dats
My gal ya dig out her stomach star you betta
Watch your self star mássive play games
What's your pum pum dog, yo bringin' me now go
Tell you again star dat my pussy you to leave
Yo you betta watch you self, self

Who da fuck is you talkin bout dog
What are you talkin' 'bout now
Bregerin word roun ye se is ya mingle with
Me thing star me na take dem type of things
Star straight up and down bregerin'
Yo kiss my ass blood-clot

Alright bregerin watch when I kick it star,
Nuf tings a gone, get off da bitch dick fuck
Da bitch man she on my dick anyway
Why you callin' me about a girl dats on my dick rasta
Yo bregerin rude boy shots n' play with dem queens star

Wait, wait, wait rude boy shots you done
See shots n you done call me with dis Jamaican shit get
The fuck out of here man
Well den fuck off boy watch when you fuck up
Boy tings a pop your dis respectin' mássive me
Na take dat lightly, get the fuck out of here


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