Wanted Dead Or Alive
Cam'ron Lyrics

Bring 'em Dead or Alive
Ah-oh no, bring 'em Dead or Alive
Bring 'em Dead or Alive
Ah-oh no, bring 'em Dead or Alive
Bring 'em Dead or Alive
Ah-oh no, bring 'em Dead or Alive
Bring 'em Dead or Alive
Ah-oh no, bring 'em Dead or Alive
Uh.. killa.. Dip Set.. Santana.. Freaky.. Jim Jones

Yo, yo, yo, the way I been treated in this industry? Not nicely
Little faggot motherfucker like (*Mike Lightly*)
Tried to get someone to pop my chain
Getting robbed dog, is not my game
My nigga hopped out the van real quick, cocked that thang
Reversed the situation, popped his chain
Be happy we ain't pop his brain
Aiyoo, I treat that show money, Mike..
Like it's coke money, aight?
So you better have it, consequence could be a casket
I'm beyond forensic, a menace wit' a matic
I'ma leave 'em in the streets just splattered
Beat and battered, fuck cops, police don't matter
Bring 'em to me


[Jim Jones]
Triple noooooo, Come on, Bs Up, Dip Set, uh

Yo, aiyyo I pop to my name
With not a dollar, not a cent, not a rock to my name
Yo I'ma keep it funky dog to hop my chain
For a block and cocaine, now it's back to my block and cocaine
You know, re-in up, and fillin' up them pots with cocaine
Then you chop it up, and bottle up and top the cocaine
Got watch for the cops and dey chains
For them diplomatic affairs, automatic'll flare
I whips everything from automatics to gears
Yeah, you know sticks I clutch 'em
Shots with 6 I bust em, cop kicks to scuff 'em
Fuck 'em, hop out the 6 and crush 'em
Hop in the 6 and dust 'em, BOOM


Yo.. aiyyoo, these niggaz talkin' shit?
They about to get hit with fuckin' clips
You better let 'em know
I got girls that'll buy my a quarter
Supply me wit' water, beef come? Drive me to borders
Kamikazes wit' they hommies..body your daughter
Turn your whole crew into +Dodgers+ like +Tommy Lasorda+
[Jim Jones]
Yeah, come on
So you faggots have that money in order
Jim'll come through in wolves and let the hungry extort ya'
Now how is that for the drama suspense?
Any beef, our piranhas get sent
Kidnap your momma for rent
Hot shots from the beretta'll a fly
I'm breakin' bread with my guys, we want 'em dead or alive
Dip Set BOOM


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Comments from YouTube:


Used to be on repeat while driving my moms car lol just graduated high school good memories

Mister E

Brings back memories - hard track

Key Pusha Beats

THIS WAS MY SONG!!!! As a kid lol πŸ˜‚


Cam always had some banging beats

Jr Ryder

This was one of Cams best albums. So many fire tracks but me personally Purple Haze was his best album


Purple Haze my fav too, but Killa Season is underrated af.

scazzle bazzle

I feel, the bangers on purple haze are much better, but as an album this one was way more consistent. I skip like half of purple haze every time, but it get's played way more to.

Dayton Flyerr

Crime Pays classic too

chris rucker

Confessions was my joint

Sean Cagney

Haze is my fave too, love that joint. This one is good though, solid.

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