Ya'll Can't Live His Life
Cam'ron Lyrics

Killa, Dipset, my nigga, DukeDaGod
The movement moves on
Got a lotta shit going on
You left them bum ass niggaz, Koch right?

They I ain't cake together right? Well, fuck 'em
We got dipsetmixtapes.com
It's lot a money over there B
I ain't seeing nuffing, it's all good though
Adrian, Karen, I'ma hoffa in a minute
You at asylum now, huh?
The eight dollars a record is guaranteed, huh?
Fuck Alan, gotta worry about fightin' for ya money
The money's there, nigga

Proud of you nigga, you doing the damn thing
Well, you know we doing the damn thing too, huh?
Def Jam my partners, holla, Warner Bros my partners, holla
Koch, my son, label, holla, they under the armpit, ya dig?

Now one thing's for sure, two thing's for certain
Hustlers hustle, grinders grind and bitches is bitches
Now a lot of niggaz be thinking like Cam be popping mad shit
I'm allowed to pop shit

I fly G4's, I ride in Lamborghini's and Ferrari's
And I ain't even go multi yet, how I get all this shit, huh?
I get five million dollars in jewelry
'Cause I get money

I ain't gotta sell records to get my money
I get it how I get it, ya dig?
My man Zeke is doing three, they said he ran a ecstasy ring
You know what a ecstasy ring is, huh?

I don't wanna talk about it
My man Sarge is making four million a month
That's what the Daily News said, not me
What y'all know about 4 million a month?

My man Weed, sold got charged with kingpin charges in Buffalo
I dunno if he was a kingpin or not
I'm just telling you what the Buffalo Times said
I'm surrounded by money

Now on the way to the top, you might have to slap
Some kufis off or step on some bunions
But you got to do what you got to do to get where you got to get
Right Dash? Right hoffa? Fucking clown niggaz, man

Niggaz is clowns B, I guess niggaz is a group now, huh
Y'all old ass niggaz y'all, should be The Supremes
The Four Tops or something man
They can't even control they bitch, man

Control ya baby motha, man, god damn B
With no further adieu though
Dipset, the movement, man
DukeDaGod, Killa Cam, I'll hoffa, Killa

Lemme write a note, my cats, the type to tote
They love me but my connect, ha, he'll slice ya throat
He'll tie a rope, throw you off his nicest boat
Made him thirty mill when thirty a gram was the price of coke

Think my life a joke? I been indicted folks
Do I like it? Nope, I'm under a microscope
A paid lawyer, word to mother, it's nice to know
I been told I got a psychic slash sniper flow
(That's dangerous)

I'm the shit, shit, I shit should rock a diaper, yo
No homos though, a few things I'd like to know
Like who the best, who the worst, who the greatest is?
Like who needs some work in the hood, what's the latest at?

And we rock foreign cars, spaceship, modern taste
Trailer load, lot of thanks, Shabba Ranks
Ed Moffa gang, don't forget the Kuffa Gang
Who got the bluest chain, two coupes moving lanes?

It's the set, baby, disrespect
We pull techs live in the flesh, baby
Beefing you want it, get deep and I done it
I'ma smack you with a C note since you keep it a honey

Ha, ha, blood debase, skully, beef and broccoli's
Only Manero, you know that could compete with papi
That's Jaffe, yeah Jaffe Joe to all, Sloppy Joe
Ten for copy, ho

Y'all can't live his life, y'all can't live his life
Y'all can't live his life, y'all can't live his life
Y'all can't live his life, y'all can't live his life
Y'all can't live his life, y'all can't live his life

I'm in the Zoo
Every night B
Come through in the white tee, icey
But watch wifey, ooh I think she like me

I own liquor, fast money can't come finer
Me and Jim sold more sizzurp than aunt Jemima
Get what we want, Albuquerque to V Mont
Chitown, Ohio, back to East Treemont

Diddy Bop in frinks, cop a army jacket
Back to the crib, get my army ratchet
Mac Milly clips, black act silly dick
Hat clapped, cat face looking like a Philly split

Control the baddest bitties, Strokers to Magic City
I'll stroke her, poke her, provoke her, grab her titties
Get crucially crucial, hit the Pool Palace
112 visions, see my dude Alice

DIP, VIP, where we post up
Girls going wild, shit put them ropes up
Don't act, boo believe me, I'll smack you
Now nice girls come on and let the trap through
My ice varies, canaries in the raw
I got niggaz, shook hands, scary when they form

And I be, I be, I be on that kryptonite
Mami, mami, her lips are white, ooh she sucking dick tonight
Now hit the crew off drama DukeDaGod
She want the head like Dahmer, mama stupid hard

Y'all can't live his life, y'all can't live his life
Y'all can't live his life, y'all can't live his life
Y'all can't live his life, y'all can't live his life
Y'all can't live his life, y'all can't live his life

That's right, ya dig? I'm well respected
Not in the city, not in the town, around the world
They love me in London, they dig me in Germany
They like me in Paris

What up Chicago? K-Town, you know what it is?
Ohio, Cleveland, Youngstown, Cincinnati
Columbus is my playground, holla
Y'all can't fuck with this young money, we young and hungry
It's Killa Season, the season has begun

You're all welcome, y'all all fucking welcome
Harlem, 140th, Lennox

Yo check this out
April 25th the movie, Killa Season
May 9th, the album Killa Season
The season has began

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Camron has always been ill. He chooses to be a money maker. He could be the best if he wanted to.

Ken Star

Cam is raw, but please don’t disrespect MCs like black thought, pun, prodigy, Big L the list goes on....

Festus Aniemeka

The best please let me get some of that shit u puffing on cause it’s good


Cam just telling you what the Buffalo Times said.


Word to Griselda

Ali Dorsey




Ant H.


Brian Gaines Jr

kenjirapzilla I’m from buffalo shit is real


I remember being a couple yrs out of high school and smoking weed to this album. I bought it. Physical copy and still have it. Being high thinking Cam was the biggest drug dealer ever in the rap game 😂😂😂. Cam a legend. And he murdered this 💩!

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