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Cambriana Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Cambriana:

Better Days Once you let in the troubles from your past Once again Tak…
Big Fish I heard you've never been sober And the haze is only…
Choose You Fall on my bed And rise when you can Give me all…
Face to Face Wendy, you're stuck in my game, i know Wouldn't be here…
Heart Keeps Thinking A great big sign That's over me Asking what I can do…
In the Middle Hey brother You're coming along okay You sold the things t…
Safe Rock I've heard of a song without a name It stays the…
The Sad Facts Wishing i was fair to you And all you do But keeping…
Until There's a place i never go Where they keep you from…
Vegas A wonderful morning light Couldn't help myself It's off ag…
Waitress Terra Mobile Waitress Cambriana letratra…

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Benson Miakoun

0:29 - 0:38 Big bang
0:39 - 0:47 The first star
0:48 - 1:04 Early star formation
1:05 - 3:18 Early galaxy formation
3:19 - 3:34 Milky way formation
3:35 - 4:58 Black hole formation
4:59 - 6:23 Star death and rebirth
6:24 - 6:39 Collapse of protoplanetary dust cloud
6:40 - 6:58 Birth of sun
6:59 - 7:11 Formation of earth
7:12 - 7:26 Formation of moon
7:27 - 7:36 Hadean eon
7:37 - 7:53 Archean eon
7:54 - 8:40 Early life forms
8:41 - 9:11 Oxygenation of atmosphere
9:12 - 9:29 First complex single celled life
9:30 - 9:40 Protozoic eon
9:41 - 9:56 Snowball earth
9:57 - 10:06 First multicelled animals
10:07 - 10:08 Cambrian explosion
10:09 - 10:10 Ordovician period
10:11 Silurian period
10:11 - 10:14 Devonian period
10:15 - 10:16 Carboniferous period
10:17 - 10:18 Permian period
10:19 - 10:20 Triassic period
10:21 - 10:26 Cretaceous period
10:27 - 10:28 Rise of mammals
10:29 Australopithecus ararensis
10:29 Homo erectus
10:29 Neanderthals
10:29 Homo sapiens

andrew sauer

@James Cabayag Assume for the sake of argument that the "day" mentioned is metaphorical. If the Bible really said the same as scientific discoveries, you would at least expect the events to be in the right order.

The Genesis story is as follows.

1st day: space("heavens"), Earth, world ocean("formless and empty", "God was hovering over the waters"), light, day and night
2nd day: Sky(atmosphere?)
3rd day: Land, seas as distinct from land, plants
4th day: Stars, the sun, the moon
5th day: Sea creatures, birds
6th day: Land animals, humans

According to the science presented in this video, the actual order is more like this (a few of these might be swapped around depending on interpretation:
space(1st day), light(1st day), stars(4th day), the sun(4th day), the Earth(1st day), day and night(1st day), atmosphere(2nd day), the moon(4th day), world ocean(1st day), land(3rd day), seas distinct from land(3rd day), plants(3rd day), sea creatures(5th day)(could come before plants depending on interpretation), land animals(6th day), birds(5th day), humans(6th day).

Of note: in the narrative, there is a point at which the Earth is just sitting there in space, with nothing else in the universe, no stars, no sun, and yet there is still light coming from somewhere and making day and night. Needless to say, this is NOT what modern astronomy says about the origin of Earth.

Of lesser note: birds somehow come before land animals...

Sure, the progression is kinda similar if you squint at it, but there are some big discrepancies. It sounds a lot more like ancient peoples guessing about the origin of the world based on their limited knowledge rather than some divinely revealed truth to me.

Sara Valentina Benjumea Torres

0:29 - 0:38 Big bang
0:39 - 0:47 La primera estrella
0:48 - 1:04 Formación estelar temprana
1:05 - 3:18 Formación temprana de galaxias
3:19 - 3:34 Formación de la vía láctea
3:35 - 4:58 Formación de agujeros negros
4:59 - 6:23 Estrella muerte y renacimiento
6:24 - 6:39 Colapso de la nube de polvo protoplanetaria
6:40 - 6:58 Nacimiento del sol
6:59 - 7:11 Formación de la tierra
7:12 - 7:26 Formación de la luna
7:27 - 7:36 eón del Hadeano
7:37 - 7:53 eón arcaico
7:54 - 8:40 Formas de vida tempranas
8:41 - 9:11 Oxigenación de la atmósfera
9:12 - 9:29 Primera vida compleja unicelular
9:30 - 9:40 Eón protozoico
9:41 - 9:56 Tierra de bolas de nieve
9:57 - 10:06 Primeros animales multicelulares
10:07 - 10:08 Explosión cámbrica
10:09 - 10:10 Período Ordovícico
10:11 período silúrico
10:11 - 10:14 período Devónico
10:15 - 10:16 Periodo carbonífero
10:17 - 10:18 período Pérmico
10:19 - 10:20 Período Triásico
10:21 - 10:26 Período Cretácico
10:27 - 10:28 Aumento de los mamíferos
10:29 Australopithecus ararensis
10:29 Homo erectus
10:29 Neandertales
10:29 Homo sapiens

pale rider

@Ninja TypesTooFast man as a body & a soul..

Soul is not the spirit

When a man is born again he receives the holy spirit which dwells in him..

However there is another spirit that can possess a man.
If he opens the door.

Or a man can be empty & this man knows only earthly wisdom & knows little of the things of the spirit..

The spirit brings life knowledge wisdom & understanding of heavenly things..

We're all as close to God as we choose to be..

Although he isn't far away from anyone

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Happy to announce that the follow up to this, TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE, is now available:

Nimmy John

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Nimmy John

@Ahmed Harris

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Rohit Gupta

Sir! your video deserve more views and subscribers, 👍😊
Please Sir! hire a hindi dubbed artist and dubbed your videos in hindi language!


You guys are God of timelapse ,quantum physics , quantum mechanics , astrophysics etc etc 🔥

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And to think that there are actually people who think the Earth was formed 6,000 years ago

Hadrian Biehn

I just read this entire comment thread and what an emotional roller coaster. Drama, lies, decent, enemies becoming friends, comedy, character development and enthralling debates all spanning over 2 years! So many different ideas and theories, it makes me excited to see where all this leads.

Mark Lotman

Michael Odermatt God is us bc we created it.

Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon

Only the mentally disabled (in other words, religious folk) believe that.

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