Cameron J Lyrics

1-Do you like my skin baby,
Do you like my crooked smile.
If I lost a little weight would you stay
for a little while.
I know I'm not perfect baby,
No where near the modeltype.
But I know I loveyou.
Know that I could love you right.

H-I really need somebody, tell me
you're that somebody.
I'm hoping that this someone could be you.
But I'm trying to understand why you
can't take me as I am.

C-Why am I not what you're into?
Why you being superficial?
It's too bad that you can't see my soul
(see my soul)
Baby Oh. You know I'm worth it
Why can't you see past the surface?
It's too bad that you can't see my soul.
Ohh. Superficial

2-Say you like my lips baby,
But do you like the words they form?
You know I'm complex yes Sugaa
I'm my own Hurricane
(my own storm)
Say you like my eyes,
But do youlike the way I see the world.
You know that I'm different baby,
Nothing like these other boys
(these other girls)


O-Promise I just want to love you.
Why you being Superficial?
You will never see my heart of gold.

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Comments from YouTube:

Janelle Carmichael

One of my favorite songs by him ! It deserves so much more recognition and exposure.

Corey Bryant

This song explains my feelings perfectly!

Life with Nae

thank you i love it
this is my fav. song


@jessiebell prescott glad I could help lol I love cameron. thought i'd show him some love on my channel

Jesse's Girl 21

I love this song 😚

Shekinah Turner

Why isn't this big ?


Tell me why mt momma sanged ths song before she died go look her youtube is Racheal Brunson

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