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Let It Burn
by Camisado

To be known is
Something I can’t control
If there’s fire in my throat
Let it burn

I will never let go
I will never let go, of my heart

Maybe one day
I won’t say “someday”
And I’ll find a way
Because I’ve been
Waiting my whole life

May your dreams be
When you follow with passion
To reality

Follow with passion

I know what I want
And I know what I’ve done
I know what I’m willing to do
To be more than what I’ve become

And when there’s no more
That needs to be done
I’ll always want more
Than what I’ve become

Take my voice and
Sing your heart out
Take my throat and
Scream at the top of your lungs
Take my words and
Call them your own
Take my heart, feel it inside
You're not alone

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